Mince alors!

Mince alors!

A resort for individuals who want to lose weight is helps several women discover friendships, acceptance with body image and hard truths.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:savoy,   weight disorder,  

A resort for individuals who want to lose weight is helps several women discover friendships, acceptance with body image and hard truths. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ahmed S (kr) wrote: By the end, you will be as anxious and sad about the split of the group after the final concert as its members are. Leave the World Behind is not only a documentary about great house music, it's actually more of a sad, sentimental goodbye note to an unrepairable friendship, but one that gives you the best party feeling all through its duration and goes out with a bang.

Rangan R (mx) wrote: Student film festival meets beauty pageant.I'm one of those guys who does not believe chick films are for girls alone, actions are for men, as well as magic films for kids. I watch them all, well, at least I admit that. So, not in my childhood, but overall I've seen many DCOM and I've liked many of them. This film came half a decade ago, I was aware of it, but only now I had watched it and it got me by surprise.I thought it would me another mean girl tale, that's where I was wrong. Well, in the initial few minutes, that's how it looked, but everything has changed since the beginning of the second act. That was the biggest plus point of this film. Even though predictable scenes, still it felt good enough. The character transformation, the way it was done was very smart. At one stage you hate, then a soft corner develops.It is a television film, but that's not how it looked. The quality of the story was like a theatrical film. If they had risked on that, they definitely would have succeeded. I would say a bad decision by the production house, but still the product delivered more than its expectation. The casting was good, All of them were new face to me, except Sasha Pieterse.Expecting a sequel for a good/successful film is so common with its fans. I thought about the same, but seems they are not interesting in one which was kind of confirmed in the end itself. Even though if they decide to make, it won't be as good as this one. Because the main story, all happened in here. Just like 'Taken' which is very powerful original film, not suitable for followups. This is a silly concept, but very nice film. I totally suggest it.8/10

Kirby N April M (nl) wrote: If I could give it a -10 I would have...

Japes (au) wrote: It wasn't the best...really cliche- of course there's going to be a happy ending. This movie wasn't realistic at all. If I was Carrie, I would've been more depressed if I found out my horse was going to be given away to someone else. And if I found out my horse was going to be sold to slaughter, I would've flipped a shit. Screaming, crying, severe depression, possibly suicide contemplation..... Carrie's performance was not convincing. Yeah she showed tears, but come on now, your horse is getting sold to slaughter. She was able to get over her horse so fast. Like when she released Flicka into the wild, she cried for a minute then was like "Okay, let's eat omelettes!" Like really? You freak, what's wrong with you? Aside from Carrie, Flicka looked like she had TOO much of a bond with Carrie. That is totally unrealistic. I've never met a horse that liked a person better than other horses. Like Flicka flipped out when Carrie left- what horse on this planet cares that much about their owner? I have a pretty nice bond with my horse, but there's no way in hell she would ever jump a 4ft fence and follow me home. Flicka's actions were so far fetched. Her attachment to Carrie was disturbing, not heart warming. That horse needs counseling because it has major separation anxiety....not an "unbreakable bond" with Carrie. Plus since it was a mustang, you would think Flicka would actually enjoy a horse's company more than a human's. It didn't make any sense at the end either, Flicka (who just HAD to be with Carrie 24/7), had absolutely no hesitation when running out into the wild. I thought the horse wouldn't want to leave, but obviously their bond was not as strong as they thought. In conclusion- this movie sucks. Unrealistic garbage about a mentally unstable mustang.

elijah c (ca) wrote: A very clichd hood movie that is filled with horrible dialogue and acting. In the beginning the movie looked promising and the plot looked interesting. In the beginning the movie had good action scenes and good suspense. Until the women went undercover and tried to get "G" who is played by The Game to confess about a drug lord that the police is looking for. Sounds like a decent movie right? Wrong! The movie just started to go a stupid route by doing repetitive plot elements from other movies like "In Too Deep"! The acting is atrocious! The killed off Michael K. Williams in the middle of the movie and he was the best part! The ending was just pointless action and just plain dumb. I was furious after seeing this bad movie. I give this movie a D (64%-66%)grading!

Eydra e (kr) wrote: C'est trop beau l'histoire, si triste et mouvant! De beaux acteurs.

Nicole S (es) wrote: Really good...can't believe it took me so dang long to see it.

Ernest H (ru) wrote: Stephen Chow is da bomb!! Sure the gadgets arent creative but they are nonetheless hilarious. Especially the fight against the 2 face boss using magnets, it is probably the most hilarious fight scene in cinema history. The only bad thing about the movie is when Chow reveals how he scooped the villain which is followed by an award ceremony. That ceremony really pisses me off.

Jason T (ag) wrote: Felt like a bombed Tarantino movie. It struggled to keep attention due to bad, monotone dialogue and writing. The acting was rushed, and unconvincing. The story was... well it wasn't. 1 1/2 stars for a few clever tricks and for the poor women who bared themselves for the lousy thing.

Aidan M (ag) wrote: Christopher Walken is awesome.

Rinaldo H (es) wrote: Definitely one of the best choreographed and the funniest wuxia film I've ever seen. Although it stays on safe and traditional if not cliched wuxia tropes, Drunken Master is a must see for wuxia enthusiasts and Jackie Chan fans.

Rolf S (de) wrote: Omstendelig og kjedelig. Merker at tempoet har forandret seg p 30 r.

Al M (nl) wrote: A good looking film with impressive special effects for when it was made, and it starts off promisingly, but ultimately it turns into a cheesy small people film like the borrowers or something. Giant drawers, fake hands, and obvious film splicing become somewhat lame as the film goes on, but still a somewhat fun film for fans of cheesy old science fiction.

Chrisanne S (nl) wrote: Really, really good. After I saw this I realized that all the hype about Hepburn wasn't all hype. Everyone is important here, in this little drama.

Kerry J (us) wrote: Harry Brown was an amazing film carried by an amazing actor. I thought it had depth and soul. The main character is reliving a personal hell the darker it gets and there's no swagger or sense of machismo or pride in what he does.

Antonios g (ag) wrote: it one of the best classic