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Francesca V (jp) wrote: Amazing film. A thriller with a non-traditional twist Sequel please!

Cameron P (gb) wrote: WARNING: If you have any common sense, please stand clear of this!! Richard Gage is a modern day charlatan. For many years he has been peddling his ridiculous conspiracy theories about bombs in the WTC. Save your money and your time by not watching this. Gage tells tall tales and at time lies. I was at one of his event where he accused the RED CROSS of being involved in the "demolition" of the Solomon building. Yes, the RED CROSS.

Jesus P (gb) wrote: Awful acting, incoherent script and way to clich ending... a total waste of time...


angel m (ru) wrote: I Wish They Wold Put This On DvD!!! This is an Insane Movie Hug Blood sucking Ticks Get thees Inner city Kids Up In The Woods Camping OMG !! I Am Itching Just Wrighting This .. This Makes My Skin Crawl !!Love It When That Tick Gets On His Face And his head caves in ..

Ted W (ca) wrote: Great big glossy time capsule of the 1970's with a cracking story, great fashions and a Streisand theme song. I loved it and it gives a good glimpse into Carpenter's obsession with pov murders prior to Halloween.

Chris W (us) wrote: This is typical and by the numbers in every way. It technically is a blaxploitation movie, but could also be considered just a straight up kung fu film. Given the generic plot (revenge, drugs, prostitution(, you may not even need to give it either of those signifiers, and just call it a general exploitation film that happens to feature lots of afros and martial arts.This is a really unremarkable film, but I give it and extra half star since it is still somehow watchable and mildly amusing. And there's boobs. That helps. Aside form that, the plot is average and predictable, the editing sucks, the print looks awful (needs some remastering), and the writing, directing and acting leave a lot to be desired. There's some nice location shoting though. That helps.Most fiolms like this are bad, but this one is bad even by those standards. Parts of it are entertaining, but somehow a lot of it is also boring. See it if you have to, but it doesn't really warrant repeat watches.

Arseniy V (br) wrote: Not only is it a very strong study of the history and foremost personality behind a certain creative culture, but it's also a deeply poignant study of just how delicate the dance between what we call "mental illness" and what we call "creative genius" really is. A study to which Robert Crumb himself - is only one of several key contributers here.

Ryan T (ag) wrote: Though well acted, well paced, and with good cinematography, this film never materializes into something one would want to make a film about.