Mind Game

Mind Game

The film follows Nishi, a loser who has a crush on his childhood girlfriend. After an encounter with the Japanese mafia, the film follows Nishi as he journeys to heaven and back, and ends up trapped in an even more unlikely place.

Mind Game centers on Nishi, a loser who has a crush on his childhood girlfriend. After being shot by Japanese mafia, as his soul leaves his body, Nishi realizes that it isn't at all what he imagined. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jimmy M (br) wrote: kevin is so funny my daughter get hit with balls and dont fight back u kno wat i mean gangsta talk

David L (ca) wrote: This was much worse than expected. You'd probably ask why I expected this to be half decent at all, but I did at least visualise something similar to the cheesy Piranha 3D. It was nothing of the sort, in fact I think it tried to take itself seriously which you simply can't do with a title like this. There weren't too many shots of either beast, and although I saw that as a negative, I don't think the graphics would have been up to scratch to pull off more screen time for them both, so it was always a lose lose situation. It's hardly a tricky concept to follow, prehistoric creatures are accidentally thawed out and create menace around the world. To be fair they didn't seem to be wrecking that much havoc until they were provoked by some pheromones so they weren't that beastly after all. As for why the title pits them against one another I don't know, as they were quite happy going their separate ways until enticed. The battle that ensued was less of a battle and more of an embrace as we just get to witness tentacles wrapped around the shark before they sink down to the sea bed together. The best bits I had seen before via the trailer so there was nothing really impressive left to see, other than some half hearted acting and cringe worthy graphics. I'm glad I've now seen this after years of build up but it did leave a lot to be desired despite the bar already being set very low.

Nilufer R (au) wrote: It was really disturbing and depressing. I felt on the edge throughout most of the movie. I don't know if it was realistic for late '80s in Romania for poor students but it surely felt like it. The acting was also good. You also gotta hate the dinner scene and the fetus.

Nick T (au) wrote: Quite a nice movie. Critisizes a certain way of life and in the end an incident that obviously destroys a large part of that way of life seems that it gives a solution to numerous problems!!!

Jamsheed K (ru) wrote: A very good Romantic comedy Movie.. A must watch movie.. awesome acting by Kim Ha-Neul !!!

Chardana M (it) wrote: all of my favorite actors are in this movie

Syed A (fr) wrote: another watch it and forget it type.....

Graham M (nl) wrote: Kind of like a 70s version of Seven. Shame that every scene that doesn't have Vincent Price is exceptionally boring and unmemorable. I would say worse about except I'm afraid Vincent Price will return from the dead and kill me if I do....

AudreyKim H (jp) wrote: I will never understand how Ginger Rogers won the Best Actress Oscar in 1940 for this movie, especially when she was up against Katharine Hepburn in "The Philadelphia Story", Joan Fontaine in "Rebecca", and Bette Davis in "The Letter"..As for the movie, "Kitty Foyle" is a predictable melodrama with plenty of overly-sappy lines. With the right cast and some script changes, it would have been saved, but I found the majority of the acting to be unmemorable and overdone in some parts. Once again, Ginger certainly didn't deserve the Oscar and I find myself puzzled at the winners for Best Actor and Actress of 1940. James Stewart won for "The Philadelphia Story" and Ginger won for this unimpressive woman's picture. Although I do think that James Stewart is a good actor, I didn't feel that he gave his best performance. I always believed that it was somewhat of a consolation prize for not winning for "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", but if that's so, the Oscar really should have gone to Charles Chaplin for "The Great Dictator". Chaplin did give a great performance and he was a major contributor to making motion pictures such a large part of pop culture. Politically, Chaplin along with Henry Fonda (nominated that year for "The Grapes of Wrath"), Kate Hepburn, and Bette Davis were all liberal whereas Stewart and Ginger Rogers were both conservative. Coincidence? I think not. However, I digress.Bottom line: I think "Kitty Foyle" and Ginger Roger's performance is overrated. Joan Fontaine should have won the Oscar for "Rebecca".

Russ B (it) wrote: 1/3/2016: This movie is hilarious. So many great funny and goofy scenes.

Logan M (mx) wrote: Empowering and never preachy, "Milk" highlights a fearless and influential human rights figure with a movie that holds a genuine indie-drama nuance.