Mind Games

Mind Games

A college professor is haunted by the spirit of his dead lover.

A college professor is haunted by the spirit of his dead lover. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Olivia T (es) wrote: This was a wonderful movie! I loved it,it made me laugh,cry,happy,and sad but within all these emotions I felt throughout the movie it made me think about how it isn't always going to be great with you're family and no one has a picture perfect family but love and emotion will get me and anybody else through it

Andruw F (au) wrote: Interesting concept, outstanding cinematography, and pretty well acted, but like Caf Society (another Woody Allen movie) the final act disappoints.

Nico T (ag) wrote: nice ! om onbekend te zijn (voor mij), echt goeie film...the moves in de film zijn ongelooflijk en dan nog superslomo weergegeven...that's the key to my heart for a movie ;-)

Adam Zivojnovich (mx) wrote: I wouldn't have liked this movie if I hadn't seen it on the Sci-Fi channel... it was pretty good for a movie on sci-fi, but kinda bad for a movie in general.

Luke B (it) wrote: One of the worst adaptations I've ever seen. The animation is very, very poor. It looks outdated, and is hardly fluent. The story is changed around for some inexplicable reason. No emotion at all, Scrooge isn't likable at any point and for once I couldn't care if Tiny Tim died or not. The live action moments of "Dickens" didn't really have a point, and some of the vocal casting was simply bizarre (Nicolas Cage as Jacob Marley). The two mice whether CGI or traditionally animated are such a huge distraction. Why is Scrooge so nice to mice? It almost destroys the character. We're not supposed to see the good in him until the Ghosts intervene. Oh well! They can't all be classics.

Curtis W (es) wrote: A drama about members of a Chinese theatre troupe, from around 1979 to the mid-80s or so. Shows the group performing on traditional instruments (plus accordians), singing songs the praise Mao and the great strength of the Chinese people. By the '80s, the troupe has been privatized. They perform punk rock and are pelted by rotting vegetables. Then it's simply a recording of some techno, with a couple of girls in stirrup pants dancing on the flatbed of a truck. I kind of felt like China lost the plot, with the traditional sound giving way to bad-sounding punk and shrill techno. The traditional stuff had a propaganda message, but it was nice to listen to. The punk and techno had no message and was painful to hear. Other than the performances, the drama involves the members of the troupes - a couple of guys and a couple of girls and their relationships. I enjoyed the banter from time to time. "Where's Ulan Bator," asks a guy while they are sitting around with apparently nothing to do (there's a lot of that going on). "In Outer Mongolia, north of our Mongolia." "What's north of there?" "Revisionists." "What's north of there?"

Manho N (br) wrote: Semi-fictional drama shot in Broomfield's trademark documentary style, culminating in the Morecambe Bay Tragedy. It's a harrowing and very depressing tale of illegal immigration into the UK, and the hardships these workers (who form an essential backbone to UK food industry) even when they land on the golden shores of the UK. The film is made more remarkable by the fact that the lead actress was an illegal immigrant herself. The only probably fault of the film is that it is quite slow moving, however this is a by-effect of the filming style.

Charles P (mx) wrote: Boxing Helena is more than a gruesome, manipulative pseudo-porno. It's better, and it shows talent from first-time director Jennifer Lynch, daughter of David Lynch.

Katherine B (ca) wrote: This movie establishes a very real lesson about employers turning on a hired predator. Historically accurate.

Harrison R (kr) wrote: The only good thing about this movie is that a kid shoots his own dog.

Cody C (es) wrote: Very unusual and daring movie, although pretty cheesy and dated from today's standards. However, Nicholas Ray's talented direction and Mason's great acting hold up. And it's surprising how dark and creepy it gets. Almost feels like a Twilight Zone. Worth checking out.

Morgan W (us) wrote: good movie but falls short.

Freddy P (ca) wrote: super brutal me encanta esa pelicula

Tooba A (jp) wrote: Honestly, it was really funny but really cheesy at the end.

Simon T (it) wrote: The opening twenty minutes lead you to expect great things from Sam Raimi's Oz back story. James Franco is an appealing lead, the production design is good and (after an opening in B&W Academy ratio) colourful. But as soon as the vapid and wanly-acted witches appear the movie loses its way and becomes a chore. A shame.

miles k (br) wrote: not as good as 1 but still very scary.