A rich businessman moves to countryside to give his life a meaning.

A rich businessman moves to countryside to give his life a meaning. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew B (kr) wrote: This film is about a man who is accused of murdering his wife is sent to a jail when havoc often breaks loose. When he begins to win jail fights a sexy women approaches him with an offer to win his freedom...in a death race. He takes the offer to drive in a race where cars have rockets, grenades and other apparatuses attached. He must fight for his life with potential friends to ensure his freedom in the end. This movie is over the top silly but I have to be honest I enjoyed that it. The characters are bland as old wood but the action may be all over the place but I enjoyed it.

Freeman M (fr) wrote: Loses steam about halfway through. It's biggest sin is that it's, frankly, kinda boring.

Omar A (br) wrote: The performances and the dark satire makes it good but not great.

Max M (us) wrote: Director Robert Altman adapts Edward Anderson's novel (previously made by Nicholas Ray as They Live By Night), along with writers Calder Willingham and Joan Tewkesbury, about three escaped convicts (played by Keith Carradine, John Schuck and Bert Remsen) on the lam and robbing banks in 1930s Mississippi.Despite the subject matter, Altman shies away from the violence of his story (unlike similar films of the era such as Arthur Penn's Bonnie and Clyde, John Millius' Dillinger, and Roger Corman's Bloody Mama, just to name a few) and focuses on the characters and the rich period details. He also uses old period radio broadcasts to comment on the story at hand rather than using period music, a device he similarly employed in his film The Player, where the titles of movie posters commented on story points or the character's emotional state.

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