Mine Own Executioner

Mine Own Executioner

Fearing her husband could become a killer, a woman seeks a psychiatrist's help.

Pretty Molly Lucian enlists the reluctant aid of psychologist Felix Milne in treating her potentially homicidal husband Adam, who refuses to see a "real" psychiatrist. Traumatized in a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mine Own Executioner torrent reviews

Kevin M (es) wrote: Loved it! Like a dream or a poem, it's one of those movies you get lost in. The mood... the music... the characters. If you are a friend or have ever had a friend, check out this flick.

Huefah H (mx) wrote: Super-comedy!!! haha

Amy R (mx) wrote: I had varying impressions of this extremely long and unique film as I watched different parts of it. In the beginning, I struggled not to switch it off, and felt that watching the daily lives of ascetic monks was about as entertaining as watching paint dry. In the middle, I started to have a lot of questions in my head, which at least gave me something to think about in place of dialogue- such as, why did these men become monks? Do they ever get to see their family members again, if they have any? Who pays for the monastery's upkeep and food? And what happens if they become very ill, such as at the end of their lives, and need special care? Do they go to the hospital? Towards the end, I really started to feel angry. Okay, sure, they are ascetic monks, and they sacrifice all earthly pleasures and conveniences to live a stark life of religious devotion. I admire that. But if they are religious, then surely they must care about the suffering of other people. I think ultimately it is a bit selfish of them to waste all of that manpower on themselves and their small community, when they could be using it to help people in the outside world. They may be depriving themselves, but they are also removing themselves from all the messy complications that all the rest of us have to deal with. To think of all the good they could do if they went out to help poor people, or kids, or something...

Greg W (au) wrote: great job smokin hot-this gets the balance of drama/comedy like jackie chan pic

Dominic R (nl) wrote: this movie is pretty damn funny

Asif K (nl) wrote: not interested at all ....

Charles G (us) wrote: Was sceptical beforehand, but it is a good film. Pesci plays himself, whilst simulatenously breaking away from his usual role.

Wahida K (ag) wrote: There are Draculas from all around the Globe but India. LOL.Christ I think there are Millions of Dracula Movies out there.

Aliese P (nl) wrote: Doesn't always make the most sense, but a fun watch anyways.

Mike C (jp) wrote: Can't believe this only got 57%!!! This is the definitive work on Pearl Harbour and is fascinating in showing both the Japanese and American sides of the attack. It is about 20 times better than the utter load of historically incorrect [email protected] they made in 2001.

Patrick L (ca) wrote: Barabbas is a haunting and fascinating look at the man who was chosen in place of Jesus by the Jewish people. He returns to his old life but is occasionally haunted by Jesus' death and the claims of his followers and disciples. It may only be by the time of his death, on a cross, that he has come to see Jesus as Who He is. Jack Palance is great as an arrogant chariot driver while Anthony Quinn is Barabbas. 10/10

Spencer H (jp) wrote: Broken City is the worst movie I've ever seen.