Minervina Vem Aí

Minervina Vem Aí


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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Minervina Vem Aí torrent reviews

Zach M (us) wrote: This is a mediocre action movie starring John Cusack and Thomas Jane. It almost feels like an Australian film school movie that happens to star two decent actors.Thomas Jane isn't necessarily good but John Cusack is fine. The rest of the acting though, is pretty bad.

Dianna D (mx) wrote: Humor and honestly on a topic no one likes to talk about..

John M (nl) wrote: Surreal hilarity with buckets of fake blood and scantily clad killer robot women. A completely brainless guilty pleasure.

Tony T (jp) wrote: A great movie, I especially enjoyed the portrayal of the future with the Mega Structures. Also like the fact that it get's straight to the point and we're chucked into the deep end along with Dredd and Anderson. No wishy washy story telling.

Chris W (mx) wrote: This film is a fictionalized account of the story of the first legal brothel in Nevada. It had the potential to be an excellent and insightful film. What it turns out to be though, is a half-assed, tired, and bland film that, even though it does have some good scenes and moments, is a really big disappointment and doesn't do justice to a story that deserves it.I mostly place blame on the script. The story is fine, but the film is in dire need of a rewrite. The film decides to not really give a narrative that tells the history of the place, and instead focuses on a few of the characters (in depth) in the context of the ranch. It would be a better film had it been a more balanced account that provides a history of the ranch, as well as great insights into the people who worked there- kinda like Casino or Boogie Nights. In fact, for many reasons I don't even need to explain, this made me think about Casino a lot, and I kinda wished I was watching that instead.Even with the characters who get focused on a lot, they still seems a little thin, and could have been developed a lot mroe and better. There's almost an hour of deleted scenes on the DVD, and while watchjing those, I saw plenty of stuff that could have been kept in the film (with some other stuff taken out). It made me realize that they didn't really have the film planned out fully. EIther that, or they should have just lobbied to go all and make an epic instead of having to pick and choose (and do so sloppily).This film isn't terrible though, even if I am ripping into it. The cast is good, and it is nice to see Joe Pesci come out of retirement. Too bad he, Mirren, Sergio Peris-Mencheta (a guy who does a really great job) and all the others couldn't save it. I'm just disappointed that the film is just all over the place and doesn't do what it could have given the subject matter and particular story. Hackford an okay director, but I don't know what the hell went wrong here, or what he and the rest were thinking. I wasn't bored by this film, but all the crap that's wrong with it makes me feel like I should just split it down the middle and give it an even "Gentleman's C".

vieras e (es) wrote: Is it against the law to make a good SF movie? I'm beginning to think so. I couldn't even bring myself to finish this.

xniquet L (de) wrote: Regardless of what the Tomatometer says I still like this flick, maybe because I've never been to a cereal bar or maybe I can totally live in that neighborhood that this movie is being set on. Either way, I give this flick a well deserved erection.

Julia K (fr) wrote: Captivating story with beautiful scenery!

Johnny W (us) wrote: A classic for kids and families!!!

Carfax A (mx) wrote: I have always wondered how a film reaches cult status, especially bad ones. Take Sleep Away Camp for instance. How did this film grow a small but dedicated audience? It really doesn't have that much going for it. Don't get me wrong, it's certainly not the worst of the 80's slashers films but definitely not the best. It probably sits below average on the list as a C or C- and in my book that doesn't qualify it for cult status.It suffers from horrible acting like a good 85% of these slasher films from the 80's do but not all the way around. It has a very cheap TV movie of the week feel to it and none of the characters are really that interesting to watch. The other problem, and Iv always considered this a major one, is the lack of gore and blood. I mean it is a rated R slasher film so one expects to see some cool murders and gore but not this film which may be another reason it has that TV movie feel to it. The one thing that saves this from a total failure is the girl that plays Angela. She pretty creepy with her eerie stares and lack of speech but it isn't enough to carry the whole film. I will say the ending is cool. It's pretty scary when the reveal comes, but again, not enough there to carry the entire film or at least to propel this into cult history. Maybe people like the cheesiness of the film, which it does have, but It doesn't have it in spades. The mother/aunt in the beginning is pretty much the worst cheese factor and not really in the fun way. The lady tries way to hard to be quirky and bizarre in her personality and speech. It's forced and not natural therefor giving the audience a "wtf was that" feel to her scenes and not the comedic touch the producers were trying for. Another cheese factor that actually does come off great is the most incredible ridiculous 80's fashion of the times. Girls wearing their shorts up to their boobs while guys are wearing cut off tees with hilarious short shorts with tube socks. The best is the main counselor. Muscle bound with skimpy shorts and tees throughout the whole film. Every time you see him you feel like he is going to break out into some Broadway musical number while flexing his muscles. There does seem to be a lot of homosexual references in the film, including the flashback scene where we see Angela's father sleeping with another man. Not sure why all of that was incorporated other then the director might be gay. In the end Sleepaway Camp just doesn't hit the cult bar for me and a mystery as to why it would for anyone. It does fit into the whole slasher films of the 80's if you were doing a marathon but if the film suddenly got pulled and could never be viewed again, no big loss.

Ryan H (ru) wrote: Clint's in top form. The perfect actor for the role, he really takes over the movie.

Harry T (es) wrote: Thank god the first hour or so is only a pretext for the very liberating climax to come.

Gabriel L (mx) wrote: Good. It has an extreme twist at the end. This was a quite long for what it was worth, though.

Cameron A (kr) wrote: A ridiculous but fun film that hits similar beats to the past two films. However, it succeeds in being an entertaining film for fans of the past films, and still maintaining the heart found throughout the series.