The first-ever official concert film of the electronic band Kraftwerk, taped on its 2004 world tour, supporting its first album of new material in 17 years, "Tour de France Soundtracks."

The first-ever official concert film of the electronic band Kraftwerk, taped on its 2004 world tour, supporting its first album of new material in 17 years, "Tour de France Soundtracks

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Users reviews

Alejandro G (nl)

more than makes up for the disappointing "Generations"

Andrea D (it)

so love love love this film! At least no one is getting mustered, car jack, raped, or getting drunk or high!. This is what movies are suppose to be! It awakens your imagination

Andrew O (au)

Especially Ruben Blades and William Russ. I don't know why, but the characters in this movie all make me laugh

Bill T (es)

I dunno, you may have to REALLY love Jolson to like this (I myself, run hot and cold on him) and it's somewhat super glossy, but entertaining nevertheless. There were little teasers towards the end that led me to beloeve they were setting up for a third one, but obviously that didn't happen. Anyways, Jolson gets a second life after the movie with a radio show, and that's when the show ends. It's very startling. I don't think I've ever seen this technique used before in a biography. Larry Parks! So yes, we get the ultra-amazing side screen effect of Larry Parks-As-Jolson meeting Younger-Larry-Parks! (Yes, Parks plays Parks). . . . The Al Jolson Story! and here's the guy to play you. . . Fortunately, a lucky booking at a benefit re-connects him to the guy who booked the USO tour, he's now a film producer, and he wants to produce. All the while, he wonders what's next for him, as some people in Hollywood have kicked him to the curb. Fortunately for him, he meets a beautiful nurse and marries her. and he winds up in the hospital. Unfortunately, it's a bit too much for Al. Here, he wonders how much his star has faded, and an old agent encourages him to go on USO tours around the world. Both of which star Larry Parks as Jolson) It doesn't matter if you've not seen the first, as the first part of Jolson's life is briefly touched upon, where this movie mainly concentrates on, yes, his later life. "Jolson Sings Again" is the sequel to "The Jolson Story" (which I have not seen). An oddly curious movie

craig c (ca)

If you love Christmas movies, and don't mind a little Christian evangelizing, you should like this movie. The movie was a Christmas tale that had some flaws but over all was enjoyable, and brought a few tears to my eyes. I probably would have never heard of this movie, if it weren't for my friend Bethany who brought it over last night for a viewing. A nice little surprise

Jonathan P (de)

. As far as casting goes for teen dramas in the 80s you can't get better than James Spader and Robert Downey Jr. It rivals other 80s standouts like Weird Science and films from other decades like Hackers, Superbad and Saturday Night Fever in this respect. In fact very few films I have ever seen have ever basted in their own decade-ness as this film does. I would however point out that it set itself far apart from the herd in that only being released halfway through the decade Tuff Turf plays out more like a parody or homage to the 1980s filmed a decade or more later. Before I say anything more I'll acknowledge that is exactly what it is. This film is most often overlooked as just another teen drama

Logan M (ru)

Richard Linklater is recognized for his character studies, and "Tape" has got to be his most twisted and confined

marc c (es)

A good reminder of why we fell in love with Godzilla to begin with. Just the right amount of pacing, good effects, nice redesign of a more warrior like Godzilla and creature design, as well as cheesy but nice fight sequences to make this reminiscent of the 70's Godzilla films to win newcomers and fans of the series to start watching Godzilla movies again

Mark A (es)

way to make me depressed on Christmas day. - koreans have such a deep well of emotions. - very touching to see sunah's character learn that you better know yourself and what suits you before you start a relationship

Nefert M (br)

A great historical movie