Rajesh Shivakumar is a college hoodlum who has his first crush on Reena Joseph, who unfortunately, is engaged to be married to Rajiv Samuel, an Indian engineer settled abroad. In an effort to gain her heart, Maddy impersonates Rajiv and gets close to Reena, aided by his grandfather Subbuni and his crooked sidekick Chockalingam. However, the real Rajiv shows up, bringing a shocking end to Reena's romantic interlude.

A young girl is torn between an obsessive lover and a mild-mannered suitor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Minnale torrent reviews

RAJA R (de) wrote: would like to rent it online. where can i get it? thanks

bill s (ca) wrote: One last reliving of ones youth before hard decisionn must be made told in an average made for tv style movie......Bravo,not for the quality of movie but for where it should have aired.

Shajie K (fr) wrote: started watching it, it was a tad slow... but fun

Chris S (fr) wrote: Ah, another great modern vampire movie that's better and more original than TWILIGHT or anything Stephanie Meyer could ever pull out of her ass. At first I didn't have enough high expectations for this movie, but then I saw it and enjoyed more than I thought I could. The movie itself as a toally unique and superb vision, it is without a doubt the most excellent genre-bending film in years, combining horror, science fiction, action and mystery. Not to mention that Saffron Burrows is in it--WOW! that's totally worth the price of admission, she is ever-so-sexy and beautiful, more than Angelina Jolie. Screw the TWILIGHT teeny poppers and do yourselves a favor and watch PERFECT CREATURES.

Laura M (de) wrote: Masterful, haunting, heartbreaking. By today's standards, the "graphicness" of anything in this movie is pretty tame & never gratuitous- we only catch glimpses (except for the rape scene which is one of the reasons why it makes such an impact). The way it's shot, the realness factor, & the backwards-in-time sequences is what makes it so poignant and disturbing. The crazy swinging camera shots at the beginning mirrors the mind of the movie (no, the DVD's not defective as I first thought-just keep watching). The infamous rape scene was at first to me tedious, it's 10 long minutes of pretty much the same shot...but that's where the horror seeps in. These victims of violence have to endure this for sometimes hours or days- it becomes very real. The movie delivers more than just horror and violence- we get to see the sweet & playful nature of the relationship between the 2 leads, the real intimacy that exists (they were married in real life at that x). There's alittle nudity & gore, but that again lends to the authenticity factor. It's a story about the loss of innocence, the "irreversibility" of time...universal in the message it delivers. A unique experience, highly recommended.

JonErik F (au) wrote: Very well done comedy.

Sarah C (br) wrote: Yeah, I'd like some cheese with that ham please ... uber thesps Grant and Sands have lots of fun (maybe) with some terrible dialogue and the use of Scottish accents to demonstrate they really come from the olden days. There are some awesomely crude animated special effects, which add to the 80s nostalgia. The whole package is rounded off with an appearance by queen of cult herself, Mary Woronov. Really not worth four stars but it's excellent fun (in a bad way) and I have very fond memories of watching this in the cinema when it first came out.

Naomi G (de) wrote: As a Jew, I wanted to believe with all of my heart that Yentl would be a good, beautiful, worthwhile film. What I did not count on was Barbara Streisand. How could I have been so blind? Maybe you won't need to be, I don;t know. I'm happy the singing is minimized at least.

John Y (au) wrote: Really fun movie with a great ending. Well worth your time.

Berni E (de) wrote: Fun to watch this again!! The outtakes are funny too!!

Maximiliano D (es) wrote: Requiem for a Dream is too good for words to describe, and I have never seen before such an intense drama like this, and trust me, no junkie is going to be doing drugs after this. The story revolves around four people who become addicted to drugs and their lives slowly become worthless. The storyline was too incredible for words, this movie is the greatest anti drug film ever, and it shows people that any kind of addiction will lead to nothing but terrible things. The cast was amazing and I think the performance I will remember the most will be Ellen Burnstyn, she was incredible. The cinematography was also a great importance, Aronofsky uses the camera to make us feel like how they feel, and it truly was some one of a kind camerawork. It was a total nightmare in the final scene of the movie, pure horror. Requiem for a Dream is a work of sheer genius, and this film will horify your mind until the day you die, and all my life I have seen my peers get in to that stuff and I will just never understand why, and I am glad they created this ingenious movie, because it has a great lesson some people need to see, I completely and indefinently loved Requiem for a Dream.

Michael W (it) wrote: A 400-ft tall fire-breathing lizard leaves Tokyo in a smouldering ruin, a beast theorized to be awakened by experimental H-Bomb testing. Popular Japanese film interspersed with Raymond Burr's foreign correspondent character added for American audiences. Special effects (for its time) are terrific and often looks more realistic than today's CGI.