Minnie and Moskowitz

Minnie and Moskowitz

Depressed and jaded after being dumped by her married boyfriend, aging beauty Minnie Moore (Gena Rowlands) wonders if she'll ever find love. After shaggy-haired parking lot attendant Seymour Moskowitz (Seymour Cassel) comes to her defense from an angry and rebuffed blind date, he falls hopelessly in love with her despite their myriad differences. Minnie reluctantly agrees to a date with Moskowitz, and, slowly but surely, an unlikely romance blossoms between the two.

A museum curator falls in love with a crazy parking attendant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Binesh R (it) wrote: Be yourself while you give ur feedback....Its a clean film having a wonderful scope for the female artist.Balanced action thriller for all ages. Even if he has copied we dont have the rights to say that , You can always see the hard work that he has put in this and also his previous films just dont say that " oh its a copy" not all are successful

Gwendoline N (jp) wrote: A voir tout prix!

Donald J (gb) wrote: A movie with the plot of two couples having trouble with intemacy decide to try group sex to reignite the fire. Sounds promising. However, it takes so long for the story to build to the main plot point, and then it goes nowhere with it. They don't explore the effects too much. They also throw in additional plot points, but do nothing with them except add length to the movie. For a movie with little plot or character building, there was not enough skin to overcome it.

Magnus X (jp) wrote: "You got no say over your heart, Lucy. And If you think you do, you'd best not let yours roam too far."A good, low-key drama written and directed by Joey Lauren Adams. With some good acting by Ashley Judd, Scott Wilson, Jeffrey Donovan and Laura Prepon.

Aloura M (jp) wrote: Edward Norton is by far one of my favorite actors. I got bored at the beginning of this film, but the more I focused the more I was drawn in by the characters.

Scott C (ag) wrote: What the f? Rockwell, Zahn & Giamatti and you somehow make a crap-ass movie? I was so confused by the hack ending that I couldn't get properly pissed about the rest of this shit storm.

John M (es) wrote: Remember when this series was about killer puppets? Being that three movies of continuous story would be asking too much, we flashback to yet another prequel, taking place before 4, but after 1. We have a brand new cast of human characters, as the puppets have been bought in an auction by the Magrew family of two. They go on to adopt a boy (Josh Green), who doesn't have much going on upstairs, but is a world-class carver. You see where this is going. I momentarily got my hopes up for this, because looking at the IMDb page, they brought back the director of what is easily the best Puppet Master movie, Toulon's Revenge. At least we know we're getting a director that can calm down, focus on the story and give the aud... He must have known that he was dealing with a turkey here, hence the pseudonym (or he might just like cross-dressing, as he credited as being Mary Crawford in the smash hit A Talking Cat?!?). This series has the tendency to get way off track, and I completely blame 4 for turning these puppets adorable pets; they're essentially viewed now as small dogs, where they will attack an outside threat if absolutely necessary, but for the most part, they exist so you can have something to cuddle to sleep and to do circus tricks. For example, do you know how long you have to wait to get your first puppet death? It doesn't arrive until the 51 minute mark. Even then, it's not somebody you sympathize with, as it is somebody who is body building solely so he can (and I am not making this up) be a better rapist. In total, there are 4 puppet deaths, and while they are some of the better kills of the series (which I do award points for), it's just surrounded by a whole lot of nothing. Why would you focus more on the human characters? The puppets have more personality than the human characters, and they don't even talk. Most of the puppets return, but they don't give Leech Woman a single thing to do, as there are only so many kills to go around (I realize that I may sound like a blood thirsty maniac, but this is literally the only thing this series has going for it). Also, what the hell happened to Torch? They keep showing him in the archive footage, and he is one of the best designed puppets. Did they break him and not have the budget to get him repaired? They probably would have been better off leaving 5 as the "final" chapter. The acting is poor, even by Puppet Master standards and if this movie does anything, it makes the other movies look better by comparison.

Westleigh Q (es) wrote: Maybe this film is just showing its age, but Mercury Rising is predictable, boring, and disappointingly straightforward.

Timothy M (kr) wrote: Pretty disappointing. Just flat, I think. Jason Robards is great, but he's only in it for about 5 minutes. Mary Steenburgen is also very good (and, somewhat surprisingly, sexy), but I found it very difficult to care for Melvin. An interesting approach to the story by the screenwriter, but I don't think that it altogether works or is satisfying.

Robert G (ru) wrote: An ingaging film about corruption, power and the law. There are threads of dark comedy mixed in with the tense drama and a bouncy score by Ennio Morricone to boot.

Private U (es) wrote: This movie was so awful it was unwatachable. No amount of internet mockery could make it good, however, it offers some promise for a midnight or later party viewing.

John L (de) wrote: "There once was a man whose balls were made of brass and when he walked sparks came out his ass"That line never gets old! Verne Troyer's best movie!

Henning B (br) wrote: Solider Actionfilm der hauptschlich von Eastwood lebt. Sicher nicht gerade sein bester, aber Fans haben denke ich trotzdem ihre Freude dran ;)

Fernando C (es) wrote: wonderful movie!!! it talks about the mistakes we have done across our entire life, campanella knows how to make great tension along the entire film, it has a terrific screenplay...... sometimes are the visuals, sometimes its the acting, sometimes is its beatiful cinemathography... definitely must see

Stephen S (us) wrote: One of the shittiest films I've seen in a while. This movie absolutely sucks.