Minor Details

Minor Details

Someone's trying to make the students sick at the upscale boarding school, Danforth Academy! Abby, Paige, Claire and Taylor, join forces to solve the mystery. Whoever it is, the four best friends are going to find out!

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
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Someone's trying to make the students sick at the upscale boarding school, Danforth Academy! Abby, Paige, Claire and Taylor, join forces to solve the mystery. Could it be Mia or Riley - the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave L (fr) wrote: I guess this movie was trying to defend the NY Times and newspaper journalism but some of the subjects come off as completely nave. "We're going to stay around cuz we're the NY Times." Really? Nothing is that certain. Still, there are certain moments of interest particularly the debate about how journalism is changing.

Per M (nl) wrote: Hahaha sinnessjuk rulle, fick skratta en del men p tok fr dlig fr att gna mer n 5sek t eftrt.

Chris S (mx) wrote: Some of the transformation of parker into spiderman were done well, showing his learning curve as a more accurate one, however this gets confused as the film goes on. Hes he now an expert or is he still learning.I felt like all of the actors were forcing there lines and things just happened for happening sake to move the script on to the good bits. It felt rushed, "ok lets have the uncle ben scene and theft scene" none of it seemed to gel together. the lizard is basically another green goblin character but not executed as well, and looks more like the koopas in mario from the bob hoskins flick. Constantly questioned why the characters were doing the things they were doing.Never really connected with any of it, the police sergeant seemed the most solid of the characters.

Stefano C (de) wrote: Un delirio assolutamente da vedere

Courtney S (ca) wrote: Very interesting. I like the fact that he's this little, chronically ill man who for much of his adolescence and early adulthood was plagued by suicidal thoughts and wracked with self-doubt. If only he HAD killed himself.... Terribly intelligent man. It was interesting that there was no mention of the 'final solution' in the film, there must be in the diaries. He hated Leni Riefenstahl so much - can you say hilarious feud? She claims that they met in an elevator and she refused him, for which he never forgave her. The Party first, family second. I was upset that his death was not actually explained, but the real footage and real thoughts were pretty haunting (plus little comments were added that weren't mentioned in the diary).

Ashish K (mx) wrote: just one word awesome for this movie!

Sebastian d (mx) wrote: I think this movie was inconsistent and a little strange in a negative way.

Young D (fr) wrote: best movie to watch bruh

David W (ag) wrote: I used to love this movie, but it has very huge flaws

Brian K (ca) wrote: Not the best Godzilla movie but still a rip roaring good time watching this one

Natalie P (nl) wrote: I love this movie...

Andrew B (es) wrote: Not great, but Glover (of course) was awesome.

John G (es) wrote: This would be a good double feature with Brooklyn's Finest one day . . . great cast and a nice rare mix of humor & drama & tragedy that they don't seem to attempt anymore . . .

Gabe S (it) wrote: Shrill, dated, blah.

David S (kr) wrote: City lights seems to have aged little overtime. The slap-stick humour mixed with the energy and passion of Chaplin go beyond the realm of silly into light-hearted comedic gold. Pangs of passions are seen throughout this film, creating many immortal scenes. The music beautifully helps bring to light certain scenes and comedic pranks, and the love between Chaplin and Cherrill is brilliantly created through music and action. This movie is a hero to those who believe actions speak louder than words. City Lights sparkles and dazzles the heart, creating joy and passion effortlessly.

Matt B (ru) wrote: Totally ridiculously pointless remake. It's not the least bit scary, and I also don't understand why they made it PG-13.

Dave J (es) wrote: Its small scale and I assume small budget, but it hits the jackpot. It all starts with the cast as they are amazing. It really could not have been cast better. A period piece that is really more a 'slice of life' story showing a unique part of life during the war.

Chris f (br) wrote: Three stories that start out interesting but never go any where, with any interesting conclusion or meaningful intersections.

Paul K (it) wrote: A bit of a laugh. Nice acting, clever script from Andy Hamilton and co. Pity about the rather slimy strings which depict the romantic nature of the West of Scotland. Billy Connolly is good value as usual - extraordinary given that he has prostate cancer and Parkinson's Disease. What a man. The tale itself is implausible and clearly a peg on which to hang the one-liners and the social commentary. The USP is the use of kids and their ad libs, a trick lifted from Outnumbered, which was a TV comedy that I haven't seen. Nice, but slight.