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Have you ever asked yourself if the path you're following is really the path you'd wish to follow?

Have you ever asked yourself if the path you're following is really the path you'd wish to follow? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kathryn R (it) wrote: Like Bridesmaids, except ... not funny. In fact, it was sad and pointless. Period.

scott g (jp) wrote: Minnie Driver does a credible job and a decent welsh acent here as a teacher getting together a school play in the south wales summer of 1976, the film coming of like Glee at times but with some drama through it all, all the young cast give good work, and the scenes of song add much emotion, the look alsio has a fantastic nostalgic 70s look to it all, a entertaining film with much goiing for ikt.

Oliver Q (es) wrote: When I was 11, this was the funniest thing I'd ever seen (until I saw Scary Movie). It was probably one of the best films I'd ever seen.Now at the age of 16, I watched it again and was able to recognize cliches etc and didn't find the film nearly as funny as I used to, laughing only in 2 or 3 spots. All in all, it's really quite a terrible film, and I don't think i'd ever watch it again, but still thanks to the creators for giving 11-year-old me tons of laughs.

Jason P (br) wrote: This really is one of the best Christian films in the history of the genre. I won't go into detail on the plot , as the synopsis pretty much covers that.The three biggest knocks by non-believers about "Christian movies" are always the same - 1) The acting is terrible 2) The production is low quality and 3) It's too preachy. I will address these concerns one at a time for this review.1) THE ACTING IS TERRIBLE: From top to bottom, the cast of SAVING GOD did an outstanding job. Ving Rhames is fantastic as Armstrong Cane, as he brings a humanity and a authenticity to a man called by God to win back his neighborhood. He is particularly great and making us believe that this could be a real person. Cane is not a perfect man, and he doesn't have a perfect life, or a perfect Christianity. Dean McDermott's Blaze is so much more than the stereotypical bad guy. As someone who is not especially familiar with his work, I was quite impressed by his portrayal of Blaze and the range of emotion that he brought to this complex character. Ricardo Chavira is excellent as well as the "successful" pastor , Rev Danny Christopher. It was bold in making another believer an antagonist in the film, and Chavira's portrayal of the character was just incredible. However, stealing the movie in my opinion was Dwain Murphy as Norris. This young man played Norris with so much authenticity that i immediately wanted to watch "How She Move." A relative unknown amongst the bigger names Murphy more than held his own on the screen with veteran actors like Rhames. Murphy's Norris is the heart and soul of this movie, and his portrayal was truly worth the price of the movie alone.2) THE QUALITY IS TERRIBLE - Again this is simply not the case with Saving God. The direction and cinematography are outstanding, and the overall look of the film is much better than it's modest budget(by Hollywood standards)would normally allow. It looks as good as most of what you can see in the theater and better than most movies in the Christian movie genre.3) IT'S TOO PREACHY - This is difficult to argue, as the criticism is so vague. However, I have found that many Christian films have a tendency to be telling a great story, and then interrupt that movie with a sermon, so that someone can get saved. This is again, not the case with SAVING GOD. The beliefs of Armstrong Cane are the core of the film, so when he is "preaching" it is a natural part of the life of this man, and don't get in the way of the story, but instead are a part of the story. In my mind the criticism of too preachy is only fair if the message gets in the way of the movie, which is certainly not the case here. There are some people that would say that it is preachy, and like i said that is subjective. I don't think that this movie is preachy at all.I'd recommend SAVING GOD to anyone who enjoys a great drama, and isn't afraid to shed some tears while watching a movie. Give this movie a chance, I think you'll be surprised by what you get.

Casey C (kr) wrote: Red Dirt Rising.....I hope they're talking about the dirt from the grave I wanted to climb into after watching this movie! We sat down to watch this "highly anticipated" film about the grassroots start of NASCAR and after 40 minutes of watching the impressively flat and monotonous Brad Yoder walking from scene to scene with the accompaniment of a cacophonous, ever present banjo we began playing "Fast Forward Bingo". You know, where you hit the fast forward button and hope you land on an interesting section of movie. Needless to say....we never hit a Bingo. Who wrote this story?! Who was the fact checker/historian here? Even the costuming was shameful! First, could you not actually attach that heinous wig to the scalp of "Mom"? Second, no pregnant woman in that time wore tight dresses. Your due date was called a "Date of Confinement" for the reason that you were never to flaunt your pregnancy, you trollop!! Third, it's not called racing when you are in a single line, going 20 mph, with no attempt to pass one another. Yeah, I played that game in pre-school...it's called follow the leader and it was just as boring when I was 4. And who knew a few sparks in the steering wheel would cause an entire car to blow to pieces?! The only cool thing was watching the one chick get smacked by her husband! At least she convincingly hit the ground with skill! Come to think of it...it wasn't the slap that sent her to the floor; she probably fell asleep while Brad Yoder and Ashlee Payne were acting in front of her. I can only hope that the medic on set hauled her away from that horrible movie in time to salvage her career!In short, please see this film so you can help me make fun of it, but don't expect to get that 1.5 hrs of life back.

Luke B (fr) wrote: Hong continues to dissect relationships between men and women, using his unique voice. His strength comes in balancing the arguments between the characters. Woman on the Beach is far more talkative than his earlier, Virgin Stripped Bare By Her Bachelor's. Here, the verbal philosophical musings of the main characters take center stage. Like his previous work, this is a thoughtful film. Thus, it can take a while to get going.

Tommi A (de) wrote: It probably took me a day and a half to work out what this film was all about (almost too subtle for me?), but when I did I was intrigued. I found the story slightly confusing, and would have liked things to have been a bit more spelled out and obvious, but that's just me. Acting was good though.

Bryn C (ca) wrote: A very basic thriller, shot poorly and edited even worse, which, however, is saved by a charismatic performance from its lead, Andrew Scott. I found some of the twists actually surprising, even after watching this in a binge of stronger thrillers, while others could have been more thought out and darker. Oh, I think Kelly Reilly was pretty damn hot it this...

Anna Q (de) wrote: I've seen this!! It's HORRIBLE. Tragical, really. Piper Perabo is a princess? And Val Kilmer is in it...but uncredited. He didn't want to be associated with it, I guess.

Clara i (au) wrote: All I remember is Kirstie Alley yelling when she's going to Hell..?

Justin B (ca) wrote: It really doesn't differ too much from his work to follow but Seagal's big screen debut is still undoubtedly his best.

Arnaud C (fr) wrote: Burt Lancaster gave a good performance as the outright and perfect adopted son, and Robert Walker too as the not-so good, low hitting real son.Those too fight over the love of their "father", the love of a woman, and the ranch possession.

Gus B (br) wrote: Anti-Marijuana propaganda

Sean H (us) wrote: Now realizing while it took so long for me to watch

Fernando C (kr) wrote: Funny movie. Great performances

Aaron M (nl) wrote: Loved Nacho Libre and Napoleon Dynamite...this not so much