Mio blir som barn skickad till Sverige för att tjäna ihop pengar till sin familj i Thailand. Men det går inte som föräldrarna planerat. Under tre år följer regissör Jonas Embring Mio och hans gäng på Henriksdalsberget utanför Stockholm. De lever i en hård vardag med kriminell identitet och våld. Till sist bestämmer sig Mio för att förändra sitt liv.

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Mio torrent reviews

minda w (de) wrote: Was completely AWESOME JUST STINKIN AWESOME. bravo its a must see if you love blood and guts and awesome endings.

Austin L (br) wrote: Really captivating, but sad at parts...

Ryan K (jp) wrote: I haven't seen this movie in ages! I Loved this movie but I can't give a rating for this though.

EightThirty (mx) wrote: 10/11/2010 (ONLINE)It's a pretty good attempt for a fantasy horror and I like stories like this however this was a little too amateur for my liking but I was able to see it to the end.I reckon this would of done well as a TV series because there so much you can add to this but anyways... I've seen worse but it's not annoyingly bad for me but rather bad in a way where it could of been better if done with a little more skill.The beginning was interesting but the rest of the movie just needed a little more tasteful arranging. I didn't hate it and I think it would be a hit if some decent film-makers gave it some serious thought because she is pretty much the girl version of "Hell Boy" and "Hell Boy" was a hit.

Kylie A (ru) wrote: sorry meryl but my god!

Benjamin W (ca) wrote: What a bunch of players, and I'm not restricting myself to the strictly theatrical definition here. For such a simple plot, the running time is a bit long for my tastes.