Miracle at Midnight

Miracle at Midnight

Doris soon was out of the Nazi's hands and met up with her family.

A family trying to help their neighbors escape the Nazi's becomes part of a historic event in Danish history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Miracle at Midnight torrent reviews

James R (fr) wrote: One of the more scary horror films of the 1980's.

Heather P (br) wrote: Pretty good! Interesting possibility of how we could have an epidemic.

Ace K (gb) wrote: Proud To Be Armenian!!

Lynne C (jp) wrote: It has Traci Lords in it. That's all you need for a perfect movie

Allegra H (ag) wrote: Very strange, but cute. I didn't know beforehand that it was claymation, which was cool. Watching poop talk- not a bad use of half an hour, I suppose. I want to turn this into a drinking game.

Pedro J (ag) wrote: It's designed to be bad and it succeeds. I could type an extensive critique of The Spy Next Door, but it is simply not worth it.

Adam F (de) wrote: "Children of the Night" has some interesting ideas to update/revamp the vampire mythology, but unfortunately none of it really goes anywhere. The special effects are good and some scenes where the vampires go to sleep in their "cocoon" stage is pretty impressive, but in the grand scheme of things, the cocoon stage has no relevance to the plot and it turns into a routine vampire movie. Several plot points come out of nowhere and the film often feels like it's based on a book that it assumes the audience has read so it skips over important details. You never really get to understand why some people turn into vampires and other don't (do you have to die to a vampire bite? does it take a certain number of drainings?) and other than just stopping the vampires, it doesn't really have anything else going on story-wise. These factors make the plot is forgettable and while the special effects are pretty good, some of the acting is bad and plants this firmly as "just another vampire movie". If you're a die-hard vampire fan you might be entertained but it's nothing special at all. Other films have taken just one of the multiple ideas in the film (such as a town being overrun by vampires or a wacky group of misfit characters being forced to combat the undead with rag-tag equipment) and made much more satisfying movie experiences and the ideas that haven't been used in other later films don't pay off so there's not much here to recommend. (VHS, September 14, 2012)

Srinidhi R (mx) wrote: hilarious entertainment...

Mike C (gb) wrote: A rather under appreciated biblical epic. Well executed concept and Anthony Quinn was amazing. Could have used more Silvana Mangano.

Daijobu D (it) wrote: While the rest of the movie is just ham, the scene with the boy making coffee for his dad (Barry Sullivan) is classic!

Ben H (it) wrote: A funny take on suicide attempts, almost a rom-com feel to the film but an interesting cast put together for the four main roles. Quite enjoyable