Miracle in the Rain

Miracle in the Rain

Wartime romance about a lonely man and woman who meet one rainy afternoon in New York.

Wartime romance about a lonely man and woman who meet one rainy afternoon in New York. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dominique D (us) wrote: A realistic movie with multi layered character. Anna Gunn is well cast in the role of Naomi Bishop and does a fantastic job. The women are not heroes but no worse than male characters in similar circumstances. Women will have achieved parity with men when they can be as bad as them without raising eyebrows

Maymay A (jp) wrote: Average romance film.

John R (au) wrote: 101101: I liked it! It was a love/possibly hate relationship but by the finale, I had made up my mind. "Hockey, the Greatest Game in the Land" solidified it for me. Excellent Canadian content, we should be proud. I was proud. I tapped my feet, smiled, and even laughed out loud. Yeah, there are some weaker songs but overall this film made my night. I'm even happy with it while reflecting and writing this opinion, a day later. No Canadian can dislike this film...can they? And I don't even follow hockey.121121: Pure Joy. Up half a star!

Samuel O (mx) wrote: Yes, this movie does have some pretty blatant emotional pandering, but if you were crying at at least one scene, you have no soul. Great acting, good storytelling.

Michelle D (kr) wrote: Heart Paul Walker, but this movie sucked! You too Mr. Fishburne. Just terrible, terrible acting and plot. Awful.

Cecilie B (br) wrote: I thought this was going to be a very turgid film but I was surprised; it was better than what I had though. Two hundred years ago Burma invaded Thailiand (then Siam) and the only ones that fought back against a much bigger army were the villagers from Bang Rajan. Based on a true story, well true events anyway, this is an entertaining film with lots of humour thrown in, though quite brutal in its fight scenes. I noticed they had scored it especially for a western audience -- sad, I would have loved to hear the original score.

Lee M (ru) wrote: Admirable follow-up to OUATIC. More of a political conspiracy plot than a cultural one, but still has great fight scenes.

Joseph G (it) wrote: Saw this for my 5th birthday....

Lanky Man P (au) wrote: How did this pile of crap win awards?

Brendan N (jp) wrote: guilty cult film I liked, Bruce willis is wildly over the top and the film is the same. Fun villains and action set pieces, I understand the flaws and all that but I enjoyed this enough.