Miracle of Marcelino

Miracle of Marcelino

Marcelino is an orphan who grows up in a monastery. One day when he eats his small meal in a room full of old things he gives a piece of his bread to an old wooden Jesus figure - and indeed...

Marcelino is an orphan who grows up in a monastery. One day when he eats his small meal in a room full of old things he gives a piece of his bread to an old wooden Jesus figure - and indeed... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke v (ru) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen... If it is not ruined by the main lady with her cheap botox lips and oversized glasses, its the poor low budget sets and acting. Highly predictable plot, I fast forwarded through most of it, but still wasted 25mins of my life.

Raji K (kr) wrote: The Coen Brothers write and direct an all-star cast in their latest movie Burn After Reading. John Malkovich is Osbourne Cox who is recently fired from the CIA. He decides to go home and tell his wife he quit and wants to work on his memoirs, much to his wife's (Tilda Swinton) dismay. Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand are Chad Feldheimer and Linda Litzke, two gym employees that come across a CD that contains sensitive government material. Their boss Ted (Richard Jenkins) tells them to get rid of the material, but instead they attempt to blackmail Osbourne who believes they is the owner of the material. Osbourne is confused and believes they simply have the working progress of his memoirs. Into the mix is Harry Pfarrer (George Clooney) who is a womanizer that is sleeping with Osbourne's wife, and Linda. He connects the characters in what becomes a funny comedy. The head of the CIA (J.K. Simmons) is monitoring the story, and the various characters scheme, plot, blackmail and even kill each other in what becomes one of their most confusing cases to date. He is told about each of the segments of the movie in a recap moment, which helps catch the audience up and realize how comedic some of what the audience just saw really is. The plot is similar to The Big Lebowski where you are not sure where the story will turn next, or who will be the next to meet their untimely demise. The audience is left as confused as the characters in the story. Each of the characters is flawed in some way, but they are still endearing to the audience in some way. Chad is clueless, nave, but optimistic. Linda has little self-worth and believes copious surgery will vastly improve her image. Osbourne is an alcoholic who has sever temper tantrums. Harry is a womanizer who wants to have his cake and eat it too. Ted is too kind and unable tell how he feels about Linda. These character aspects give each of the characters a sense of depth that makes the story much more intriguing when something happens. The plot is confusing at times, and the film warrants a second viewing to really pick up on some of the stories intricacies. Burn After Reading is one of the Coen's brothers best comedic efforts for a film. At times it feels like it has too many characters to pick up for some of the plot elements, but it all comes together in the end. It is not as well rounded and likable as the Big Lebowski or the black comedy Fargo, but is far superior to their other films such as Lady Killers and Intolerable Cruelty. -10.08.2016

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Jon A (kr) wrote: Low budget, indie dramedy that was the debut feature for the Duplass brothers. A 20 something finds the perfect birthday gift for his father: a puffy recliner exactly like the one his dad had while they were growing up. He then goes on a road trip with his needy girlfriend and flaky brother to pick it up and deliver it in time for his dad's birthday. Like most road movies, it's a fairly simple plot and complications ensue. There are some good scenes scattered throughout it and it does a good job of showing the messiness of relationships.

Cindy E (fr) wrote: Grand Canyon it ain't

Yoonki C (nl) wrote: Taken is undeniably a straight up action-packed popcorn flick. However, it does have a rather very unique, fast-paced and slick action. This film elevates Liam Neeson as an action star with "A particular set of skills". Nothing more to say, an exciting largely brainless well filmed action film that will definitely entertain you for 90 minutes.

Private U (ca) wrote: One of my all time favorite movies. The songs, sets, and story are set into my memory from childhood and will remain there forever. I will watch this movie any time i run across it and enjoy it immensley every time. ANd all the kids that I have shown this too enjoy it just as much as I did as a child and still do as an adult.

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Jenny S (mx) wrote: my guilty pleasure...all corey haim movies!!!

Erik S (br) wrote: Dolemite set the standard for all player culture an army of Kung Fu bitches working the street amazing.

Stella D (nl) wrote: like a bridge between film noir detective stories and the modern thriller, this really was an experiment on the part of blake edwards, much better known for his light comedies. made immediately after the charming if over-rated breakfast at tiffany's, the film pioneered techniques used to great effect by depalma among others in the 80's. it looks a little dated now but this is a solid and influential piece of work

The Phantom C (es) wrote: Johnny Got His Gun is a very dark, depressing, and relevant film. Though some of the performances are slightly awkward.