Miracles - Mr. Canton and Lady Rose

Miracles - Mr. Canton and Lady Rose

A country boy becomes the head of a gang through the purchase of some lucky roses from an old lady. He and a singer at the gang's nightclub try to do a good deed for the old lady when her daughter comes to visit.

A country boy becomes the head of a gang through the purchase of some lucky roses from an old lady. He and a singer at the gang's nightclub try to do a good deed for the old lady when her daughter comes to visit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Miracles - Mr. Canton and Lady Rose torrent reviews

Barry T (it) wrote: Very slow but beautifully made. Its almost a silent film which lets the scenery do the talking. The cast are excellant.

Justin B (mx) wrote: It's certainly not without its flaws but mature direction coupled with Saiorse Ronan's strong performance help elevate what could have been a much sappier YA romance.

Robert L (es) wrote: It was awesome to see that this movie has it's own following on Facebook, and I would like to give my own evaluation of this movie. First of all, I think I must have seen a different film from some of these other reviewers on here. How is it even possible to give it a 4.0??? This is one of the best films of it's genre I have ever seen! I am still feeling overwhelmed by what I saw. It is a very touching, and quite inspiring story about a man, psychologically scarred, and trapped in a situation from which he could have no escape and facing it with immense courage. It so happens that he made a series of mistakes to get himself into his situation, but when the Devil actually shows up to do battle, he doesn't back down. The film conveys very powerfully, the enormity of what will be required of him. As the film develops, the complexities of the character are revealed. The acting is superb, especially from Malcolm McDowell and the other principals, and the development of the adversarial and sparky relationship at the heart of the film is a joy to watch. The film is very funny and the lead characters (Luke Obrien and his wife) have warmth and humanity. The film is well paced, and carries you along to the emotional climax, so that, even though I knew how the story would end, it had me holding my breath. If you don't need lots of action or special effects in your film, and enjoy seeing top-notch actors in a relatively low-budget film, this will be for you. You might also, as I did, gain a bit more insight into how the Devil fits into the scheme of things in this world.

Sofia B (ca) wrote: Anyone making the decision NOT to see this film is right to make that decision. It's not worth it.

shishir a (nl) wrote: overall a good timepass flick

Kris V (it) wrote: Interesting film about power and perversion, bathing in a tense and erotic atmosphere, carried beautifully by the two lead actresses. It goes a bit downhill in the second half when the focus shifts a bit, but if you liked Brisseau's previous movie, you'll love this one.

Andy C (de) wrote: One of the greater naff 80's films made in the 90's I've seen of late. The murderous little fellow is quite charming really with his mixture of robot straight fowardness and things he sees on TV..."I swear I'll cut the bitches throat"...Oh Evolver you scamp.

Eric H (es) wrote: "May All Your Good Dreams and Fine Wishes Come True!"

JamesMasaki R (de) wrote: The bullfight is all about eroticism and death. "Matador" is all about the obsession of killing and the sensuality it brings with the drawing of blood to the extreme. And a movie that starts off with a scene with someone masturbating to a violent exploitation film? What else is to be expected with a Pedro Almodvar film? Not anything less.

Pamela D (au) wrote: Great movie! Best for over 60 years. 5 plus stars.

Alailson B (ag) wrote: Quase uma adaptao de Eram os Deuses Astronautas, esse filme traz de volta a boa forma de Alex Proyas e uma boa atuao de Nicolas Cage - alm de uma bela cena de um desastre de avio.

Trent G (ag) wrote: It does wrap up the plot & story from the other movies well, but without Featherstone, it was missing out. Some good jump scares & and overall atmosphere of fear, but it could have been better.

Matt K (us) wrote: An unintentional comedy. I didn't even know when I started watching it was going to be a movie about how Christianity would solve racism... or wait.. win football games. Kind of reminded me of an afterschool special.

Daniel R (br) wrote: This is a must-see!This movie is awesome !

bill s (ca) wrote: Very good till it runs out of steam at the end.Oldman's bent madman steals the show and no surprise after his demise the movie peters out.