Miracles of Thursday

Miracles of Thursday

In the village of Fuentecilla, there is a medicinal spa which was very popular in the past but that now has been forgotten by the public. In order to bring back the tourists, the "prominent men" of the village organize a fake miracle: the apparition of San Dimas, the local patron saint, which will take place every Thursday night. At first it works, but trouble begins when a stranger appears, claiming that he knows what's going on and making peculiar demands in exchange for his silence. Written by Pablo Montoya

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:religion,   miracle,  

In the village of Fuentecilla, there is a medicinal spa which was very popular in the past but that now has been forgotten by the public. In order to bring back the tourists, the "prominent... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex W (ru) wrote: The acting is great and in a lot of ways the style and directing is ahead of its time, its just to bad the story is really boring.

Chelsea D (es) wrote: And Gregg Araki's first film to garner major praise unsuprisingly is synonymous with starting off with a bang. I love Araki, there is not a film of his I have not enjoyed although I think I benefited from starting with Mysterious Skin. It allowed me to grasp where Araki's style would eventually head while watching his first film. Crimes of passion ooze like blood from the cracks of The Living End. It has all of Araki's hallmarks, interesting visuals and camera placement, witty dialogue, strong believable character's, and shocking realism. Also notably another film in which Araki creates a handsome, enigmatic stranger who seduces the main character and helps them to question their life. A very perceptive dissection of all the cultural and personal feelings about the AIDS epidemic, we are introduced to two polar opposite HIV positive men, Luke, the id and John, the super ego of the movement. Luke literally and figuratively "pisses on the norm" denying all social rules and expectations whereas John would be content to "go back to (his) "I'm HIV positive and everything is honky dory" life". Though their relationship is dysfuntional for certain as they become trapped in a violent and sado-masochistic cycle while on the run, the straight relationships in the film are portrayed as similarily dysfuntional if even more so. This questions norms asking the viewer, is gay or straight more dysfunctional and is dysfuction simply the norm? Although this is a genre film and is indeed even self-referentially acknowledged as hackneyed, the film often breaks the stereotypes and genre expectations for the Bonnie and Clyde type film. This goes beyond it simply being a film about two men instead of a straight couple. The film came out around the same time as many other films in this genre such as Natural Born Killers and True Romance. Though it rings true to the spirit of these films, unlike those films the relationship depicted is not without disagreement and quarrel and Darcey, John's friend exists as a link to the real world which is rarely if ever present in these films. The end of the film also screams Araki. It it tense, sexual, and upredictable suscribing to a fatal attraction quality as Luke tells John that he "loves (him) more than life itself" only to throw away his gun and presumably his wayward lifestyle for more balance. The end is also uncharacteristic of the genre as neither lead dies and it is implied that their spree does not continue. A strong beginning for my favorite writer/director.

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Brenda C (ca) wrote: This wasn't really a great movie - it's a little too in love with its own meta-ness - but the pieces are so interesting that it's pretty compelling anyway.