After being brutally assaulted, an incident which also saw the death of his parents and the rape of his younger brother (which mentally scarred him to the point of having to be institutionalized), Maco Gutierrez has devoted his life to fitness and practicing martial arts to ensure his safety in the future.

A club bouncer with a dark past and great fighting skills decides to become a superhero. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mirageman torrent reviews

Sully F (it) wrote: It's corny but cute, and it definitely has a great message.

Nick D (nl) wrote: OK, I'm a sucker for operatic Italian movies, especially involving unrequited love, smoking-hot dictators, and kinky madhouses. I have no idea whether there's a scintilla of truth in this story of Mussolini's alleged first wife, but it was fun to watch. There's just something about the way the Italian cinema puts stories together that gets to me.

Laura C (nl) wrote: Joey Lauren Adams should stick to acting. This movie was very dry had no imagination behind it. Although I don't doubt that this is how small town America is really like; we have already seen about 100 movies that are exactly the same. I would not say that this is Ashley Judd's best movie but it sure is not her worst. I would only recommend this if you are trying to get lucky other wise it may cause you some problems.

Charles R (us) wrote: classic. best pro football film.

bill s (br) wrote: A bomb in the scope of Heavens Gate,maybe not but it's up there.

Dawn C (jp) wrote: one of my favourite cronenberg films

Grayson W (ru) wrote: Pretty awesome 70s blaxploitation film. Pimps in bright colored clothes and ridiculous glasses, drugs, violence, corrupt cops... All the fun stuff.

Jason B (fr) wrote: The rapture, the end of days, it is known by many names the question is do you believe and where will you be when it happens?

Vanessa v (jp) wrote: Wonderful film about an independent and determined woman. I really enjoyed seeing the character work through her internal struggles to conform or not conform to a conventional life. Judy Davis' acting is something memorable.