Miraklet i Valby

Miraklet i Valby

14 year old Sven is a technical genius, who has rebuilt an old caravan into a radio communication center. Via radio he is in contact with his father, who works at a big ship at the other ...

14 year old Sven is a technical genius, who has rebuilt an old caravan into a radio communication center. Via radio he is in contact with his father, who works at a big ship at the other ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stefan L (au) wrote: I'm still not quite sure what I've seen and why I even watched it. Or why does this movie even exist. I guess they tried to be super smart but failed thoroughly. Even some nudity could help this one. Disappointing.

Kyle A (kr) wrote: This movie is awful. Is it even a movie? I feel like I'm watching a Disney series. This movie is simply a continuation of Raven Symone's terribly cheesy and childish acting career. P.s. Raven is a fat bitch.

Mark W (ca) wrote: Throughout the years - either in leading roles like "Love Liza" "Capote" and "Doubt" or supporting roles such as "Boogie Nights" or "The Big Lebowski" - Philip Seymour Hoffman has always delivered consistency. As a result of this, he has become one of my favourite actors and like many respected performers he now takes his first step into directing. For his material, he chooses a play that he's familiar with (and one that he performed off-broadway). Wisely, Hoffman behind the camera doesn't go for anything flashy but instead, delivers a solid low-key character study. Jack (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is a lonely chauffeur to Manhattan's upper middle classes. He takes comfort in his reggae and secretly wants to a Rastafarian. He also possesses a shyness which leaves him with very few friends. The one's that he does have, are his neighbours Clyde (John Ortiz) and Lucy (Daphne Rubin-Vega). Playing match-maker, Lucy introduces him to another of life's shy souls; Connie (Amy Ryan). As they awkwardly attempt to make a connection, they find that life doesn't always have to be a struggle. It's because of the range and high level of Hoffman's performances that I was so eager to see how he faired behind the camera. Now, this isn't a film that will instantly have you singing his praises from the rooftops but what it is, is a slow moving but deeply involving drama that pays attention to it's characters and their subtleties. This film is in no rush whatsoever but it's all the better for it. It allows us to completely get inside the minds and the hearts of the characters and allows the actors (in this case, four of them) to take centre stage and provide the goods. In keeping with playwright Robert Glaudini's off-broadway show, Hoffman casts the same actors; John Ortiz, Daphne Ruben-Vega and himself all reprise their roles. They all seem on very comfortable ground and new arrival Amy Ryan, no less so. Ultimately, this is a film about performances and they are all uniformly brilliant. They deliver vulnerable characters at odds with themselves and the world, showing extensive ranges of loneliness and weary outlooks. An emotive and pragmatic slice-of-life that's strictly for lovers of slow moving cinema. Some may find it tentative or cloying but I found it showed an awareness from a welcome new director.

Private U (kr) wrote: agree, really bad one

robyn c (br) wrote: Thriller? Mystery? Drama? Comedy? Supernatural? This film seems to have it all plus Scandinavian rodents. Intriguing and engrossing.

Jon W (au) wrote: Pretty bad, but there's enough unintentional laughs to warrant having a watch. I mean just for the fact that he rides a teradactyle like a hang glider is worth something. Not the worst early 80's caveman/fantasy/sci fi movie and not the best.

Matt P (fr) wrote: Don't let the critics or general audience responses fool you. This movie is beautifully shot and has a lot to say about humanity. Eva Green and Ewan MacGregor are certainly easy to watch, as well.

Matthew D (ca) wrote: Pirates! Band of Misfits is gonna be one f those movies where you watch it the first time maybe a second but not a third. Even though its a stop-motion film it is still a movie you will maybe watch twice.

Carmen R (au) wrote: Good movie supposed to be a comedy but nothing funny about cancer and death