Maanav is a struggling filmmaker who will not compromise on the script he has written. His girlfriend Ruchi, a successful film editor, arranges for him to meet film producer Nitin, who is not very convinced about Maanav's script. Maanav then suggests four stories on infidelity, woven together by a common story. The film itself echoes this structure, with four stories mingling with the main narrative

A story-writer attempts to convince a producer to accept four erotic stories from the Panchtantra. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan M (es) wrote: Profiling the enigmatic character that is Donald Rumsfeld is a daunting task for most filmmakers, but Errol Morris handles his documentary so effortlessly that he makes it look easy. Morris' film portrays Rumsfeld as a brilliant, yet manipulative figure who has had an extensive career in politics, and immeasurable impact on world events. Surprisingly the controversial person isn't portrayed as a villain, instead Morris tries to deal with Rumsfeld in an even handed approach.The truth is, you will get out of this film as much as you bring in. Whatever you think about Rumsfeld beforehand will color what you see in the evidence. But Morris' documentary seems pretty fair and balanced.What Morris does better than most filmmakers is that he reveals information in a memorable and entertaining way. The film moves at a brisk pace, but doesn't breeze over any topics. Its detailed and informative and very entertaining.

Mary L (br) wrote: This Movie is plain terrible. I saw it with my grandaughter and its garbage.The plot is bland,so are the characters.This movie is colorful and is for kids under the age of 7 years. And Jordana Betty is a TERRIBLE Judy Moody,she is very annoying whenever she is on screen. Basically what im trying to say is that Judy Moody is for a younger audience and I do NOT recommend it to ANYONE

Timothy S (gb) wrote: The Sy Fy channel has become a place where creativity goes to die, and the cable network now has a reputation for animals-run-amuck movies that are varying degrees of terrible. The only thing worse than their campy, unintentionally funny movies are the ones that take themselves seriously, and unfortunately, "Sand Serpents" is one of the latter. It's a weird, unsuccessful mix of "Tremors" and "The Hurt Locker", and it features the same shoddy special effects and awful acting. These films are where one-time A list actors go to live out the twilight of their careers, and in this one that distinction goes to Jason Patric. Apparently, this is where starring in "Speed 2" gets you. The characters are all stereotypes, from the scruffy black Sergeant to the wisecracking Private who thinks all Middle Eastern people are terrorists. His quips are too dumb to be offensive. The sand worms are naturally all computer generated and embarrassingly phony. Any computer savvy kid could come up with something more realistic on his Mackintosh. There are several gaping plot holes, most notably how the platoon is somehow safe from these earth dwellers in a ramshackle hut in the middle of the desert with a dirt floor. Logic has no place in a film as second-rate as this one. There are people who find films like "Sand Serpents" hilarious, but I've never been one of them. B movies are a favorite of mine, but this junk doesn't qualify as one. This is just a lazy film that barely qualifies as a film. It's a product.

Zachary L (ca) wrote: A ridiculous and dark plot with a main character who you can never quite like. That about sums up the karate redemption film, Shamo. Shawn Yue gives a fine performance though as the main character Ryo, who is sent to prison after murdering his parents as a boy. While there he learns karate conveniently enough from Mr. Miyagi... I mean Francis Ng. This was based off a manga so their wasn't much freedom, but you just never really like Ryo and all his viciousness. Compressed for content I'm sure the original 10 volume series plays out some of the relationships such as those with his girlfriend Natsumi or mentor better. Overall the movie does have some decent fighting if not for the awkward dialog and dark themes. A guilty pleasure, the ending does indeed rock!

Kathryn K (ru) wrote: Aspiring comedy on relationships? Could be interesting.

Robert I (nl) wrote: A lot of people attack Spacey, but as a Bobby Darin fan, this film is gooooooooooood.

Harlina A (gb) wrote: Being a huge fan of 'The Flights of the Conchords', I was crushed. Some good lines though but not enough to tickle me the way I like to be tickled.

Rachel M (ru) wrote: a beautiful lady and a handsome pastor's cute love :) having three children as a guardian and dating a pastor... no interest! but it was funny and has heart.

Michael R (br) wrote: Great movie with an awesome cast--Nancy Allen is super!

Andy C (ru) wrote: With cameos from Paul Ross and Mark Lamaar, an unusual, psychedelic film.

Wade H (mx) wrote: Pitt, Hopkins and Quinn give great performances. But the script looses it way along with the characters.

Steven B (de) wrote: I know some depraved people who look great in tuxedos. But they're still fucking depraved.

Apoorva G (ag) wrote: full entertainment....beacame a fan of whoopie goldberg

Jason A (jp) wrote: Number 500 rating on my flixster account lol.