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Mirka torrent reviews

Courtney K (ag) wrote: hoofta -- sure makes you think a little differently about the military... like the women have pointed out in the video, it is terrible that this is even an issue for women in the military, but the worst part is how things are handled after the assault has occurred -- the victim is blamed without hesitation and the perpetrator gets off scott-free. talk about a lack of freedom, what our country supposedly stands for.

Chris B (mx) wrote: not as bad as others make out. does get a bit silly toward the end and the who who did it was kinda telegraphed at the beginning. and not recognising faces seems to extend to voices too. still there are worse films out there.

Graham C (fr) wrote: Some interesting history of the Cubs!

Vince N (br) wrote: Ain't gonna lie this fuckin movie almost made me cry, NOT!!!!!! In my Adem Sandler voice

tenin p (es) wrote: nice movie love all actors did nice job///

Jackson M (es) wrote: I'm not going to lie, I've always loved this movie

Shawn M (fr) wrote: Such hokey make-up. If I were here, I'd rather die and endure the mortician's make-up.

Joey F (ag) wrote: Love the idea, but the dialogue constantly shifts from charming to really, really annoying. The attempts at merging the drawn animation with real world objects really didn't work for me either. It looks very lazy.

Grant H (br) wrote: Good movie. It offers something a little different in plot, it's plenty funny, and delivers some really good performances, especially Cook (surprisingly), Alba, and Fogler.

Paul C (es) wrote: Good Sci-Fi B-movie sequel with Thomerson reprising his Jack Deth character - cheesy effects, acting and dialogue make for a reasonably fun watch. "Goddamn McNulty the next time someone gives you an exploding ham, i'm gonna pass the mustard!"