In a fantasy world of opposing kingdoms, a 15-year old girl must find the fabled MirrorMask in order to save the kingdom and get home

Set in a fantasy world of opposing kingdoms, the movie follows a 15-year-old (Stephanie Leonidas) as she journeys through a parallel reality to recover the fabled MirrorMask that will revive a queen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeremy R (ag) wrote: The first 80% of this film was so dam tedious & boring i actually started to fall asleep which says a lot considering my obsession with WW2 history. Pointless scenes like the German with the film camera making everyone smile, it just went on & on, just stupid & irritating. Considering what we expect from movies these days with story/action this was clearly a low budget film with characters that didn't inspire or seem real & don't get me started on the acting (or lack of it)

larry f (br) wrote: What makes this movie so appealing? Almost always funny, at times hilarious, and throw in a few tender moments and very real arguments, and you have a movie you want to watch again. The box cover does not do this movie justice. It's not a party movie, as much as a movie about good friends hanging out, getting drunk, telling stories and trying to meet new girls. It's NOT American Pie 5, or Van Wilder 3. It's infinitely better than those movies which really on the "name" to sell copies. This movie is real and unique and hilarious.

Private U (fr) wrote: Touchant premier film thai, multiprime dans les festivals bizarres ou seuls les critiques de cinema vont (Deauville, Pusan, Rotterdam) ; ca tombe bien, je mange thai ce soir avec la lectrice de ces lignes. Pour le reste, lire l'interview du rea dans Positif de mai, j'ai la flemme de faire de la reclame pour cette jolie bluette (achevee en drame) dans une ville en reconstruction apres le tsunami. La reconstruction emotionnelle est toutefois beaucoup plus longue et dure que la reconstruction materielle. Et la violence peut ressurgir de maniere aussi inattendue qu'une tres haute vague... Trop tard, ca y est, j'ai fait la reclame. Bref, c'est le Still Life d'avant Cannes, un des rares films visibles du moment. Dans 4 ans, je ferai la meme critique sur un film birman en HD d'apres-tsunami, sur Gloubugstik, le nouveau fessebouc en quatre dimensions ou on pourra pincer les gens avec qui on interragit. Ce sera le futur. Ce sera bien.

Emily the F (ca) wrote: Why do the male cows have udders? And why are they ripping off The Lion King, Toy Story, and ( partly ) Animal Farm? BALLS!

Jeff B (kr) wrote: Very enjoyable film about a young boy in South Africa who finds a baby cheetah and keeps it as a pet. When the cheetah grows up and gets too big to own, rather than give it to a zoo, he decides to return Duma back to the wild. It was directed by Carroll Ballard who also did several other animal films including the amazing Black Stallion. While it's not as good as The Black Stallion, it's still a very good adventure film. It's a basic story but the scenery is just incredible and it's actually a pretty engaging film, probably because you can't take your eyes off the African landscapes. The lead actor does a nice job, Campbell Scott and Hope Davis give nice small supporting roles, and the score is excellent. A very good unseen film.

Rainbow K (au) wrote: Entertaining, with a style that really grounds the film, but too many dumb moments in the script and lack of character depth let it down.

John Andrew C (fr) wrote: gloriously violent and over the top. The film does deserve kudos for originality and rhona mitra is a hot and great heroine to this action scifi apocaltic adventure.

Miguel R (es) wrote: Packed with scares of which are laughable rather than scary, Hellbound: Hellraiser II has to be one of the worst horror sequels I've ever experienced

Rehan S (mx) wrote: Horrid acting and the subject matter is not one that many can relate to so the story and character development is weak as well.

Eric H (jp) wrote: Entirely unoriginal retelling of the cinderella story.