Mirush leaves Kosovo hoping to find his father in Norway, who abandoned the family when Mirush was very young. Now the father runs a restaurant in Oslo, but he is also in deep debt to the Albanian Mafia. Mirush starts to work in his father's restaurant without letting him know that he is his son.

The story of 15-year old Mirush. He travels to Norway to find his father, as he left the family in the lurch when Mirush was small. Now his dad is running a restaurant in Oslo's backyards ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joel M (kr) wrote: 8/10: A gritty crime-thriller with a wonderfully moody cinematography creates a dark and nihilistic film. The intensity, story and the characterization is perfectly executed. A masterstroke.

Aiden A (jp) wrote: Filled with enough over the top B movie gore to satisfy fans of mindless entertainment, but anybody else will be thoroughly bored by the 1 dimensional characters, predictable story and pretentious dialog. I went in expecting the fun of Sharknado, but all i got was a mediocre B movie.2.5/5

Aadip D (ca) wrote: Way too much Whitney Sudler-Smith in stupid-ass wigs detracting from the interviews with some supercool people. Kind of a clunky documentary that doesn't dig all that deep...Hard to get past the ubiquity of the director.

scott g (br) wrote: entertaining enough western, not sure it ws a cinema elease, it has that mde for cable feel to it, but does have a lot going for it, rings of dedwood which i loved, some good moments of drama and a interesting bad guy, dont expect a lot, and you wont be disapointed

Saskia D (us) wrote: I've seen it for the second time now and Rifka Lodeizen gives an amazing performance. My experience with dutch movies is that they can be very theatrical, but this movie isn't. It's about a strong and eccentric young woman who decides in a whim to buy an old house in the country and leave Amsterdam after a traumatic experience.

Russell H (nl) wrote: Really wish Dr. Claw was sitting in a chair without a face. That would have been much more accurate. The rest was pretty close to the show. Matthew Broderick has been terrible ever since Ferris Bueller.

Sgt C (ru) wrote: (23%)A bland and lifeless horror that haunted almost every video shop back in the late 90's. There's a few appearances from Englund, a cameo from Tony Todd, and Divoff as the Djinn is not bad, but the lack of good ideas and overall cheap feel make for a mostly dull sit. The make-up is decent, but the computer based effects are overused and suck. This is a quite weak, but not terrible, goofy horror and nothing more.

Jordan K (ca) wrote: Richie Rich is a bland, tasteless film that was made when Macaulay Culkin was growing up, and it's obviously showing, as his voice is deeper and his acting is...uh...worse. The whole film is not entertaining at all.Richie Rich is the son of Richard and Regina Rich, and is the wealthiest kid in the world. However, this means he's envied by the poor kids in town, until he takes them in and has fun with them. The film doesn't get any more entertaining when our antagonist, played by John Larroquette, enters the film, attempting to kidnap the Richs and steal all of their money. The movie is pretty much just that. They don't have much at all to work with.Macaulay seems unamused with the film, based on his amateur performance. The film isn't very funny or entertaining because kids don't like enterpreneurs or rich people...they like superheroes, animation...kid stuff! Obviously, it won't appeal to them and it wasn't such a successful film. The only characters I liked was Richie's English butler Cadbury, whose performance was entertaining, and John Larroquette, whose past antagonist roles are exactly the same as this. Oh, and that fat guy from Who's Line Is It Anyway plays a wacky scientist. Hurrah.

Jaime R (ru) wrote: It's not exactly Sidney Lumet's very best work, but it is rather memorable to say the least.

Mardi N (jp) wrote: penn's acting shone through.

Allan C (ru) wrote: A classic film noir from a classic hard boiled detective novel. Edward Dmytryk directs Dick Powell as Raymond Chandler's Phillip Marlowin this adaptation of "Farewell, My Lovely." The film is made with style and Powell, who up to this point in his career as been pretty much a song and dance man, does an good, if unspectacular, job playing the hard boiled detective.

George R (ru) wrote: All star cast...Erroll Flynn, Ronald Reagan and the skipper, too. Quotable quote: "bombs away".