Mirza Sahiban

Mirza Sahiban


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1947
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Mirza Sahiban 1947 full movies, Mirza Sahiban torrents movie

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Mirza Sahiban torrent reviews

Nicki M (de) wrote: Can't actually believe I sat through this one. Pretty d grade. It did have a compelling kind of awfulness to it, though.

Abigael B (mx) wrote: Brilliant actors were casted -- from JK Simmons to Jeremy Irons and excellent performance of Bradley Cooper. Amazing layered plot. I thought it was much better than it was given credit for.

Tom H (mx) wrote: ok film. nothing special, just time consuming mediocre filmmaking. Rune Temte is clearly not the greatest actor, but maybe the director is to blame for how the scenes turned out. Sven Nordin however belongs on the screen.

Johnny R (mx) wrote: Touching and funny for the family!!

Jocelyn L (kr) wrote: Wow. I really didn't have high expectations for this but it turned out to be laugh-out-loud funny and had some brilliant lines that I will definitely try to work into my everyday conversations. Watch it!

Michael W (de) wrote: Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Absolute nonsense from start to finish.

Chris S (mx) wrote: One of the better werewolf movies ever made compared to the meaningless CGI crap (cough "Cursed" cough "Blood and Chocolate"). A well plotted Werewolf film from the talented Eric Red ("The Hitcher" and "Near Dark").

Jason R (ru) wrote: sounds perfectly brainless and fun

Sameen M (jp) wrote: Holy crap. Also, William S. Burroughs has a cameo in this and this is incredible I think it's more likable if you are very into drug culture.

Henry D (nl) wrote: I like westerns and this is cut from the classic cloth- action packed with good guys, bad guys, and gunfights.

Bjorn O (ag) wrote: Anledningen till det hga betyget r varken nostalgin eller det faktum att den svenska titeln "Trskmannen" r s bra att man vill ramal av stolen, det r en charmig lgbudget film med karaktrer man gillar, det r knappt ngon bigfoot med alls men vad spelar det fr roll.Pan&Scan versionen p svenska VHSen r s rutten dlig + att versttaren mste varit full d han bara verstter en tredjedel av vad som sgs i filmen, men det gr ingenting, om du har kvar en videobandspelare s kp VHS utgvan, annars leta reda p dvd eller toktanka ner den.

Aaron P (kr) wrote: A sharp, affecting satire.

Indira S (gb) wrote: it's kinda too predictable for a western movie, but still just try to enjoy the movie :)

Zach M (fr) wrote: Love Pam Grier but this was a pretty tame movie that could have been a much better Blaxploitation.