Misère au Borinage

Misère au Borinage

Documentary about a miner's strike in Borinage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jennifer T (fr) wrote: Informative. Interesting documentary.

Darren H (de) wrote: Good fun lots of dancing. Exactly what says on the tin

Sean S (mx) wrote: You could be forgiven for thinking that Dario Argento had carried over his horror classic feel to a giallo film made in 2009, but it isn't so. Even with the presence of Adrian Brody, Giallo can't be saved from a predictable plot and having little to like about it. Although it has a suitably deranged killer, there's little to no suspense on offer here. Despite Argento himself said he didn't like the final cut, he still directed the unsatisfying material that constitutes Giallo.

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Marko Z (nl) wrote: Very underrated in it's rights, but Jaredo Leto should have been five times better in his performance.

cli o (us) wrote: no thanks not my thing

David H (it) wrote: A funny and heartwarming Comedy about a Fat Boy who loves a Popular Girl

Karrie I (gb) wrote: Really fun movie! I love movies with strong women and men who can still sweep them off their feet!

Anthony D (nl) wrote: Great film with some a-list actors. Sobering look at life in the poor side of town.

danster b (ca) wrote: Onje of my favorite monster designs of the 50's.

Hedy L (it) wrote: This film was difficult but quite rewarding and made me want to pursue other musicals.

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Eugene B (ag) wrote: It's an unlikely cult comedy with outrageous gags & humor at the expense of law enforcement. Super Troopers displays Broken Lizard at its peak with a colorful cast of characters and laughable moments. 4.5/5

Logan M (jp) wrote: It's so boring, I've never even been able to watch the whole thing. It's length and the fact that it won Best Picture over such classics as "The Color Purple" and "The Breakfast Club" (which wasn't even nominated) only adds insult to injury.