Miss Arizona

Miss Arizona

Story of the owners (Mastroianni and Schygulla) of a fancy nightclub in Budapest before and during WWII.

Story of the owners (Mastroianni and Schygulla) of a fancy nightclub in Budapest before and during WWII. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike D (it) wrote: Just watched it with the kids very good

Kalyan G (it) wrote: I kicked myself for spending a shit load of money watching this movie in a cinema hall. Tigmanshu Dhulia - what were you smoking?

Spencer H (us) wrote: An okay horror movie, Child's Play isn't really scary, but it's pretty entertaining.

Dylan B (kr) wrote: Extremely sad, some funny moments but little or no hope for the retired thus scarred for life.

Emily S (ca) wrote: Weird, boring, overwrought...endless.

Kandis A (gb) wrote: A great movie!!! The plot came together so great!!!!

Lee M (de) wrote: Robert Altman directs a fine cast with all the authority and finesse a good play deserves, so it's too bad the play fooled them all. Sam Shepard's drama of intense, forbidden love in the modern West is made to seem like specious stuff filled with dramatic ideas left over from the 1950s.

Lee M (ca) wrote: No doubt that most western audiences will find the slapstick elements and the hopping vampires themselves too hokey to actually enjoy the film"which is a shame, because Mr. Vampire is a fun movie that never takes itself seriously, yet offers up an intriguing portrait of how another culture views the vampire.

Phil H (fr) wrote: Set in the wilds of Ireland and with a pretty full cast of Irish actors which set in motion the careers of both Liam Neeson and Gabriel Byrne whilst also utilizing some classic/cult British names for spice.Like Robin Hood there are many stories of the legendary King Arthur and his Knights of the round table but this film is probably the most accurate in terms of an adaptation from original writings. This film is based around the tales from 'Le Morte d'Arthur' and seems to follow each 'segment' quite closely (haven't read it so I'm not sure).The overall essence of this film is like a fairytale of sorts, a kind of slightly cheesy shiny armoured fantasy with glittery sets, soft colours, strong religious/iconic imagery and a 'Clannad' vibe running through it. The film reminded me of the classic British TV series 'Robin of Sherwood' which also starred the dastardly Robert Addie and the classic British fantasy film 'Krull', I think the latter took inspiration from the look of 'Excalibur'.The design and look of this film is really very good, its clearly rather dated but it still has a high polish to it and looks quite epic. The locations are really well used and do give an impression of old medieval England and the costumes all make the sale. Of course this being the 80's the armour does look a bit fake, plastic and too shiny in places, there is a kind of music video feel to the proceedings in places, some sets look a bit too sparkly, some characters have some dubious haircuts and to be utterly honest the acting/dialog is pretty hilarious in places but you can't deny the effort and scope of this historical fantasy.This being in the days before CGI and when historical epics were all the rage the battle sequences here are small with some blood and minimal gore. You can easily tell they didn't have allot of people to make grand battles so clever editing is used with lots of darkness and fog, luckily Old England was a foggy place...or so I've been led to believe. The other slightly amusing thing was the soundtrack, there was original work here but the use of classical pieces slapped on top of key moments didn't really work. The combination of certain scenes and certain pieces of music felt very rickety and really did seem crowbarred in badly, you can see what the director was going for but it comes off more like something out of 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.The plot is straight forward and it doesn't get dull despite the heavy romance of the tales, the film is rich and vivid in design and imagery giving the whole production much flare and class which works brilliantly because you know these were the days when everything was hand crafted. The film is a cult classic with a powerful poster that demands your attention, oh and Nicol Williamson as Merlin is also another good reason to view with his unique quirky take on the character spouting some glorious moments, 'oh that's grand'.

Joe B (it) wrote: a fantastic screenplay, excellent voice acting and some of the best animation i've ever seen. this is a masterpiece in every way.

Michael H (ca) wrote: Not quite a knockout but a very decent early film from Louis Malle, the only director I'm aware of that was able to make an unmistakable moment of blatant mother/son incest sort of sweet (Murmor of the Heart). Yeah, eat that Bergman.

Cosmin I (mx) wrote: Forgettable and scarcely funny

Bud R (it) wrote: Well made movie that was too symbolic and very slow for it's own good. If it wasn't for the smart ending I would have left it with 2 especially since the dialogue itself was weak. Yet the ending like movies such as Six Sense, 12 Monkeys and The Fight Club which all surprised the viewers made up for this film as well. Not in the same caliber as those titles though

Zoran S (ru) wrote: Masterful Ford/ Wayne film. It's stunning looking and has one of Wayne's best performances.