Miss Conspirator

Miss Conspirator

Suffering from the worst of interpersonal gipijeung the timid woman 'Shallow Water' (gohyeonjeong) 50 billion dollar crime errand at a time of winning Sister torrefy bent! Aka 'write' referred to as the love of her life, because somehow met five men behind it turns ....

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:115 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   mafia,   undercover,  

A woman with a severe anxiety disorder stumbles into a 44 million dollars drug deal gone wrong. Suddenly the mafia, as well as the police, wants to get hold of her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessyca F (jp) wrote: Trust me, we're not that free in Brazil to download.

Jordan T (jp) wrote: Horrible movie. Bad series

WS W (jp) wrote: Bloody, & bloody shit.

jean V (de) wrote: Un film qui a du potentiel au dpart, mais l'histoire prend une tournure redondante et s'oublie dans les clichs du genre. Un film d'horreur franais qui ne respecte pas les normes de qualit des autres!

Jackson P (kr) wrote: Don't look for any high drama here " Panic Room is strict thriller, and a surprisingly intelligent one at that. The suspense is kept at a maximum, and the cinematography is done in an interesting way, different from what is seen in other movies of the genre. All of the acting is great across the board, and all in all the screenplay is good, even if it can seem a little been-there-done-that now and then. Still, this movie stands out from almost all other modern thrillers, and is well worth the watch.

Alejandro E (ca) wrote: Michael Douglas in one of his last best jobs as a troubled professor in a tour that involves an stolen jacket and a shot dead dog in a trunk.Look for a Tobey Maguire pre-SpiderMan.

Jim S (it) wrote: The cheesiness of this films content and very foul language is offset by some amazing Oscar nominated visual effects. For some reason I just expected better from Paul Verhoeven, although I'm not sure why.

Harrison F (es) wrote: A group of terrorists seeking to steal 10 tonnes of uranium make the fatal mistake of stealing something just as deadly - 10 tonnes of vicious, flesh eating dinosaurs; two raptors and a T Rex! A Special Forces team is sent in to try and capture one of the killer lizards alive for a science project, but when their target tries to butcher the scientist taking part in the project, they are allowed to make mincemeat of the dinosaurs. This is the only Carnosaur film ever released in the UK with only its subtitle (Primal Species). If you're a special FX freak, you'll be disappointed by this, but if you like B-Movies and dinosaurs (like I do), you'll love this (if you can get a copy - it's so damn rare!). If it wasn't for the rubbish special effects I would've given this 4 stars. Oh dear, how sad, never mind!

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Jason P (gb) wrote: This may be the best one I've seen so far (out of four), though it may be tied with Dressed to Kill. I loved the classic horror film setting, and that it took place in Canada- something different. The swamp with the mist and muck was visually wonderful.