Miss Europe

Miss Europe

Lucienne, typist and gorgeous bathing beauty, decides to enter the 'Miss Europe' pageant sponsored by the French newspaper she works for. She finds her jealous lover Andre violently ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua L (kr) wrote: Its a nice story but nothing special.

Isabelle S (it) wrote: I didn't know Franoise Sagan before watching the movie, so I don't know if they succeed to show who she was really, but I think it's a good movie! I liked the realism of the acting (all the actors were good) and the fact that we see her social life's condition and health when she was old. I dove into a lot of thinking when I was watching her. The movie doesn't have any judgment ! I was fascinated about the character and it gave me the motivation to read some of her books!

Rabih H (mx) wrote: OK, this is a really old movie, like almost before I was born old (OK, OK I was 5 when it came out...but it's OLD). It features the acting finesse of Sally Field and Tom Hanks, when they were SIGNIFICANTLY younger than they are now. I doubt it's a groundbreaker for either of their careers (the start of which predates 1988 by a few years for Hanks and a decade or two for Field), but in my opinion it grew both of their acting potential.Although the film is only moderately reviewed and was not as widely released and marketed as it could have been, I personally believe it's a real gem of a film! So prepare for a positive review of a practically unknown film that I recommend for most if not all...Just to explain how I came upon this film; me and my best friend were just skipping through a bunch of movies he had on his hard-drive and we came upon this movie. We said we would watch the first few minutes just to get the idea and move on. 2 hours later we emerged! That's says something...First of all the story is so deep on so many levels. It explores the inexplicably dark world of stand up comedy in the 80's, where it was hit for few and miss for almost all. It's a thankless art that only the most passionate and talented have even a chance at succeeding. It then has side stories and romances that are not typical for the time. Then there is the acting... Sally Field is so funny and has such charm on stage that it's hard to keep your eyes off her. Hanks is so fantastically talented that his charm just shines through even the darkest moments of his performances (and there are some acting masterpieces spread throughout the film). John Goodman also puts forth some great work.The film is somehow both positive and negative at the same time. You are at times both happy and sad for the characters. It's an odd feeling that is hard to capture in a review and it's hard to explain as there are few movies out there that do this today. This is why I think this was a highly misunderstood film. It's an odd sensation of good and bad that so well encapsulates the field of standup, and I agree it's hard to understand without experience in that field.What I can say is this, if you have 2 hours to watch what I consider a great movie about a really interesting topic with two great actors playing off each other, this is a great watch. If you are looking for blockbusters, look elsewhere.

Calvin C (ca) wrote: Rosalind Russell is practically in every scene and she owns this movie. I loved her character. I wish she was real. The humor is sharp, witty and spot on. The supporting character are also funny and great. She adores her nephew and only wants him to live life to the fullest. I can't see how anyone would not fall in love with her. "Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!"Grade: A

cli o (it) wrote: nothanks not my kinda thing

Jun K (fr) wrote: "If it's a good movie, the sound could go off and the audience would still have a perfectly clear idea of what was going on." - Sir Alfred Hitchcock

Nicola H (ca) wrote: Not amazing, not horrific...

Ark M (ca) wrote: A classic, do I say more.

Issac L (kr) wrote: I'm a devoted Moore fan, so how could I miss this highly-acclaimed indie film, which directed by the genius Todd Haynes in 1995 and also bestowed her the crown of Queen of indies. SAFE is an unorthodox indiewood member who has a unflinching core which dares to chart the mysterious battle between the body and soul through the dubbed "environmental disease". The concept here is an intrepid self-salvation process, in a world without any certainty, it is what we believe decides our fate, any physical phenomenons have lost all its gauges and canons. A striking truth is that nothing can save a troubled soul. I do find stark pessimism in the film, and which is scarier is that it plunges a tremendous impact on me, which in turn solidifies my brief and proves that certain films could unswervingly employ this sort of manipulative trickery. Moore is laboriously stunning for her role, a delicate doll with a determined will to pursue the cure of her unknown disease, a subtle yet multi-layered interpretation, which reminds me of a saying that "a lonely person should be disgraceful", until she eventually found the place where existed her idem genus. In the very end, she just cannot go back to her normal social life and only could survive by shielding herself inside a new egg-shaped "clean" room where she can dwell in forever. I consider the film as a modern-day allegory, it challenges its audience to face a wretched circumstance - the insecurity of our carnal figure and the lost identity of any classification. In my opinion, the gritty singularity of ourselves is the cradle of the evil side of religion, one of mine catchphrases is that: Don't be swayed easily by those around you, by what you hear and what they say; adjust yourself in a placid mode, the one who knows you best is yourself, and is yourself only. Technically speaking, the film deploys a post-apocalypse palette and a brittle score to embody an almost horrorfest-like shtick, Todd Haynes is an authentic auteur who has gut to surprise his devotees.

Spoon T (au) wrote: this movies got everything: mile heigh club, a plane, snakes in a microwave, snakes and samual l jackson with a tazor