Miss Granny

Miss Granny

Oh Mal-Soon (Nah Moon-hee) is a 74-year-old widow that realizes she is becoming a burden on her family. As she is roaming the streets, she comes across a photo studio and decides to dress up for a self- portrait. When she walks out of the photo studio, she mysteriously turns back into her twenty year old self. Making the most out of this one in a lifetime opportunity, she changes her name to Oh Doo-Ri (Sim Eun-kyeong) and decides to make the most out of her youth.

An attractive entertainment film brings a deep humanistic message of love and affection of people of Korean families. An lonely woman over 70 years old , grumpy suddenly is rejuvenated the 20-year-old sharp as a miracle spring. She decides not to miss the opportunity to relive the glory days of youth, caused so many funny situations preposterous. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seth S (ru) wrote: I would consider this better than the predecessors . great job.

Lew W (mx) wrote: Pure shite. Awful, predictable, disgusting torture porn. It did try to have a point I think (bad kids rule the abandoned flooded quarry/construction site/surrounding forest and you aren't welcome as an affluent outsider in a small, poor town?) but missed the mark. But it's a great movie if you're in to hopeless torture porn.


Rebecca B (ca) wrote: OH I WANT TO SEE THIS SO BAD

Juliano K (ag) wrote: way too much to process and a little too little to inherit

Andrew S (au) wrote: Not one of Bruce's finest moment's.

Darrin C (nl) wrote: A great parody of serious Robin Hood movies, particularly Prince of Thieves. See a very young Dave Chappelle in this one!

Larry Y (it) wrote: a film written by Jack Abramhoff. BWAHAHA!

Chris C (it) wrote: Again a hilarious italian zombie movie, ripping off Dawn of the dead big time and stealing stock footage like nobody's business. Bad dubbing abounds. My score is merely based on technical aspects.

David H (br) wrote: Great Psychological Profile of a Man who murder a Prostitute

FilmGrinder S (de) wrote: 96% "Suped? That's the driver, not the car."-Franklin (Vic Morrow) I love the those 70's grind house flicks (VANISHING POINT, TWO LANE BLACK TOP). Tons of killer shots and stunts, Fonda is quotable all day and there is something about Mary... "The price of food has gone up, know what I mean, D?"-Larry (Peter Fonda)

Davis R (mx) wrote: It was interesting because it is hard to figure out what got MC into the mindset he was in during the second half of the movie and also what got him into trouble. Was it the drugs? Was it the money? Was it the work he was in? Tony Montana was loyal to all who deserved it, so what went wrong? The movie seems to make me want to blame Tony's innate ambition to be the best and have the most. So what are the creators trying to say? Is going big or going home the wrong mindset? Should we not strive to be the best no matter what situation? Frank says that those who lay low and are content with what they have live through this business. Tony disagrees because he wants to make the most he can possibly make and be the best at it. Was Tony wrong? Was Frank wrong? Is ambition not the answer or was this strictly situational? I have no clue.

Larry S (jp) wrote: Amazing cast. Amazing direction.

Greg W (fr) wrote: This film featuring the super-scientist Quatermass was Hammer's first international hit and moved the studio to do films in the sci-fi and horror genres.