Miss Minoes

Miss Minoes

A cat who turns into a young woman helps a journalist protect their town from a factory boss with an evil plan.

A cat who turns into a young woman helps a journalist protect their town from a factory boss with an evil plan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juho T (us) wrote: Skiptrace was fine. Some fight scenes seemed to go on forever, but overall a good time. Jackie Chan's great but Knoxville was the standout!

Elgan D (it) wrote: An experimental dream like experience which maintains the viewer's focus despite it's slight indulgence and minimal use of dialogue. Strong visuals and soundtrack.

Ben L (us) wrote: There are elements in The Two Faces of January that make it close to being great, but the flaws in execution hold it back from attaining that greatness. The best part of this movie is the plot, and how it twists and turns and keeps you on your toes. That is what hooked me and had me anxious to see what was next. To set it up for you, an American husband and wife are visiting Athens and run into a young American tour guide. We quickly learn that the husband and wife aren't exactly there on vacation, but to hide out. Soon the tour guide gets caught in the husband's ever-expanding web of misdeeds, and the three must work together to escape. While the plot isn't the most original, I still was intrigued by it and wasn't 100% sure which way they would go. The other big positive in this film was the trio of lead actors. Oscar Isaac might be the best of the bunch. He is so charming that you can see why unsuspecting tourists might not clue into some of his subtle deception. Viggo Mortensen gets to play a slimy character that is basically the villain of the film. He's nasty and easy to hate, yet you can sense that he has a morality in him. Kirsten Dunst doesn't get as much to do in the film, but when she is on screen I like how she elevates her role.The flaw in this film is in some of the decisions made behind the camera. I thought the story had enough intrigue to keep me interested, but they didn't create a good mystery, when they easily could have. In other words, I didn't know what was going to happen next, but because of the presentation I knew everything that happened before. There were scenes that should have been removed which would have left the story intact but given the audience more to think about. For instance (and this isn't a spoiler because it happens pretty early in the film) the husband kills a private detective who was looking for him, and then the tour guide happens upon him trying to take care of the body. If we were not shown the scene of the murder we would be left in the dark and allowed to puzzle through what happened up until we saw that scene. There are other subtle things that I thought could have been cleaned up in the way the story was presented, but it would sound like nitpicking. All it amounted to was enough minor flaws to keep The Two Faces of January from being something special. It is a decent film, and I am glad I saw it. I think others will get some enjoyment out of it if they watch it, but I don't know how highly I would recommend it.

Carlos Z (fr) wrote: Pretty good adaptation of the Garth Brooks song

Dan O (br) wrote: Cool premise, but has a surprisingly depressing approach that sort of makes you uninterested, annoyed, and just bored.

M Andrea S (us) wrote: Pretty good biographical film

Aaron W (ru) wrote: Pretty lame horror which I see many of it seems. The ending has a twist to it but all in all, a pretty cheesey horror.

Andrey B (mx) wrote: This now legendary movie demonstates the possibilities of cinema at the end of the XX century.

Matt M (it) wrote: Powerful and gripping film based on a true story about Solomon Perel, a Jew who survived the Holocaust by literally hiding within enemy lines. As soon as the film kicks in it is simply spellbindingly intense. Hofscheider in the leading role is excellent, and the photography very pleasing, but it is the screenplay that most makes this film a great experience, with its twists and interesting support characters that come and go and keep leaving Perel alone to fight his own war against the Nazis.

Brody M (de) wrote: What an awesome movie

Dylan R (jp) wrote: 'Across the Universe' is a true work of art, which maybe comes from a major plot point of the main character being an artist, or just because Julie Taymor created something so visually stunning and moving to the soul. The music of the Beatles is strong within anyone, from the 60s to current day society, and this film blends together the best of their music through a touching love story, war story, and story of the culture of the 60s and hippie and strike culture. Although some of the dance numbers are not natural to the flow of the movie, they are still some of the most intriguing and make for some of the most beautiful moments of the film. The two leads (played by an energetic and beautifully voiced Jim Sturgess and a likable and talented Evan Rachel Wood) really take the audience on their love story and compel us and captivate us and show us the true meaning of love. Love is shown to have its ups and downs, but in the end, "love is all you need." And love is all I have for this film. It's a blend of some of my favorite things: music, romance, and the 1960s. The atmosphere of the 60s sometimes becomes too psychedelic, but that's the point, I guess, for the culture is mostly represented accurately and beautifully through the music and talented work by its actors. 'Across the Universe' will give you the feels, make you happy, and let you embrace such an interesting period of time, and shouldn't go without a viewing or two.

James L (nl) wrote: An early and inside look into the world of pro bodybuilding and the championship legacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger....Overall 3 stars

Kris H (fr) wrote: Can't believe this was my first time seeing it. The Set-Up quickly shot up my list as a favorite film noir. I've thought about it for days. This is true cinema.

John Tristan H (jp) wrote: One of my favorite Westerns. The cast is awesome and are all great actors. I highly recommend this.

Scott C (fr) wrote: I walked out on this movie when a few friends brought me with them to see it. it is garbage.