Missiles from Hell

Missiles from Hell

This forgotten war adventure centres on the secret Nazi missile installation of the V1 Rocket. Rennie is a guerilla fighter who leads a group of Polish fighters on a mission to destroy the ...

This forgotten war adventure centres on the secret Nazi missile installation of the V1 Rocket. Rennie is a guerilla fighter who leads a group of Polish fighters on a mission to destroy the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Missiles from Hell torrent reviews

Bigg L (de) wrote: Very good movie...must see.....

Clay B (ag) wrote: MR. CHRISTMAS (2005)

Mari A (ru) wrote: Not quite Blade Runner, perhaps, but not as bad as the critics would have you believe either...

Andy C (br) wrote: Excellent (by which I mean not actually excellent but pretty fun) action with JCVD - perhaps one of my favourite examples of his style of action.

Ms Amanda J (es) wrote: Predictable - I guessed who the killer was early on. But the setting was still creepy (deserted trailer park) and Drew Barrymore gave a nice, vulnerable performance.

Melvis Q (us) wrote: I saw this movie when I was little and liked it. Now that I am older, I grew to love this film. I watch it all the time!

Veniea T (kr) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

William C (de) wrote: This comedy is one of those considered one of the best within the screwball department, and for good reason. The movie is all about Walter and Hildy, a divorced couple whose relationship really never worked out for them and now Hildy is going to get married again to man named Bruce Baldwin. Hildy used to work on the newspaper that Burns is editor of but has since realised the journalist's world is not for her and she wants to settle down in Albany with her new husband. Of course the plot never quite goes smoothly, Walter wants Hildy back on the job being his star reporter but she simply doesn't want to go back and not even a murder case where the accused may be innocent will tempt her back in when Walter first asks. The movie is a great mix of fast humour and wit, sarcasm but also just generally great characters and although some are pretty unlikeable, they are well acted throughout the movie.The two big stars of this are Cary Grant (Walter) and Rosalind Russell (Hildy) and they bring with them an expert class of acting that really makes this comedy come alive. The film even suffers slightly when we don't have say Grant in the picture for a little while, for me he is the stand out and some of the lines he is given are delivered with incredible style. The whole cast are pretty good to be fair too, Ralph Bellamy as Bruce is good and plays ever so well when the film see's Walter basically mocking the man without his knowing. The character of Earl Williams is very strangely funny, just his voice works to get most of the jokes out well and another character too Mr Pettibone adds to the speedy plot that never stops for breath.Howard Hawks brings the film in nice style to the screen and really brings the most out the actors at his disposal. It is Hawks who gets the film really going fast and also he that sets up this busy style film where everyone seems to rush in and out of a room in a split second. The adaption of the play "The Front Page" comes out funny on the big screen I mean this movie is never laugh out loud funny not really but it is the true intelligence of all involved that makes it really good. I think if anything stops it from being perfect then it is the fact that the middle and end can feel a little flimsy but all in all never breaks up, the actual end scene is very very fast and ends the movie is a way you probably won't be expecting.So His Girl Friday is just a real classic and one I couldn't recommend more to people, I know some will think they will not like it but I watched this twice in two days not because I loved it so much but because after the first viewing I knew I had missed many gags and knew it was better than I thought it was. Some could say this movie is also one of the very best in the careers of Grant and Russell, both give stunning performances so much so that after viewing this film and researching it I expected them to have taken some awards home for this but no. So anyway a screwball comedy that really makes you laugh but it is also really interesting as well, the kind of movie that if watched right, you won't take your eyes off it for a second.