Missing Persons

Missing Persons


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Kim D (au) wrote: A coming of age film so tastefully and delicately made. Noordzee Texas reflects every youth's struggle with his identity, his family and the melancholy attached to such reality.

David U (mx) wrote: Heavy-handed but reasonably engaging. The ending only becomes apparent halfway through. Bryan Cranston plays an excellent gay Brit in a far too small role.

Tabitha A (it) wrote: This movie is awesome. Watch it!

Frankie G (de) wrote: Strange days had a lot of potential but I truly believe it got lost in this sci fi film. For a Sci-fi film it has a pretty good idea behind it but the plot is just way too complex which makes it very hard to summarize in just a couple of sentences. When watching this film it was hard for me to keep up with it because there was just too much going on especially with the characters. Though it tried to focus on the main happenings there were just too many characters doing different things that it lost focus in my opinion. I think if this movie would have been scripted a little bit differently it had the potential to be excellent because the idea of these "jack ins" could be very realistic but just got lost in the cheesiness of the film. To say the least this one was disappointing

Ariel V (us) wrote: The same thing again... but worse

Nadia S (jp) wrote: favorite movie of all time. filled with emotion and hope. I only wish I could see it in theaters now.

Jess B (gb) wrote: Great movie, it's one of my favourite lesbian films for sure. It's very progressive for its time - and even more than that I think this one measures up to today's standards as well too. I love the line about your soulmate, that they "reached in and put a string of lights around my heart". Awwww.

Sarah A (us) wrote: Heinous, absolutely heinous. I knew it was going to be bad, but man. The continuity is non-existent. You never know what's happening. Some good Paul songs in there though.

Bob R (ca) wrote: Very suspenseful and a shocking, devastating horror film. One of the best!!!

Gimly M (jp) wrote: Creating a film solely to sail on the back of the success of a main stream film is usually best served when that film is actually successful. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, was not. And Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, is bad.

Nick B (ag) wrote: People say this movie is bad, but remember that it is for kids. Great story full of memorable characters that will find a spot in your heart and your memories.