Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces

As sole heir to a relative's estate, Wendel is surprised to learn that the only thing he's been left is a riddle. However, he and his musician friend, Lou, are soon thrust into a comic chase, as an assortment of unsavoury characters, underworld figures, and even private investigators, are after them for the inheritance - and they don't know what it is!

As sole heir to a relative's estate, Wendel is surprised to learn that the only thing he's been left is a riddle. However, he and his musician friend, Lou, are soon thrust into a comic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher R (gb) wrote: Greet suspenseful movie with a crappy ending !

MF J (ag) wrote: You have to watch this film for one reason: Jose Garcia! This guy is awesome! I have never seen a film where he's bad! This guy can make you laugh, cry or shiver, he's a hundred percent into his art! Unfortunately most of the times the films he's in are stupid and random! This one is a notch above , it's a funny film and the characters are really fun to watch! It's no masterpiece but it's a good comedy!

Nate (kr) wrote: the 2nd was better but this was still worth seeing i think

Arfaan A (fr) wrote: Definitely worth watching. This one deserves 4 stars.Amitabh, Paresh Rawal, Tabu and Zohra Sehgal are outstanding. Swini Khera is refreshing.In addition, the restaurant cast lent adequate support and were outstanding.

House M (kr) wrote: Great flick with a lot of genuine ideas. The casting stars the most used actors by Johnnie To (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang and Suet Lam) in a very insight full way. I would say a must from To's repertoire.

Apoorva G (de) wrote: ok like the boomro song

Richard L (gb) wrote: Good enjoyable action film good lads film with some good fight and action scenes.Nearly a three and a half only scored a three in comparison to other films that I have rated higher.

Nashin R (us) wrote: One of the most fun movie ever. Looovvvveeeeee the songs, the story amazing. Everything is excellent.

Timm S (ru) wrote: It Has It's Moments But These Guys Would Have Been Fired (Or Dead) Way Back In The First One With All There Stupidity! ..This One Is Struggling With The Mix Of Comedy That Appears To Be Poking Fun At It's Own Expense.

Doctor S (kr) wrote: As pretentious as the obtuse title would lead you to believe it is. Andrej Zulawski's film appears like an attempt by a student of Bunuel to emulate Bergman after he had just watched Kubrick's "The Shining" as evidenced by the cavernous hotel location, bellhop ghost, and men in animal costume. I definitely appreciated the bizarre aspects which kept things interesting, like a guy sitting down in the middle of a city street to carry on a conversation with his agent, when he takes a bath fully dressed in his white suit, and the girl's wholly dysfunctional entourage. Unfortunately the main character played by Jacques Dutronc is so morose that he drains my willing spirit away with every utterance and pained expression. He also has a maddening method of speech, rambling off unrelated phrases in a word game only he can follow. Additionally, Zulawski posits that if you experience a childhood trauma, your adult life will be forever ruined from the scarring. Way to completely discredit the capabilities of the human psyche there. Thankfully the luminous Sophie Marceau is present to rescue the attention during the meandering scenes. She gives a captivating performance as a striptease psychic and has never been more naked on film before or since. Zulawski uses an intrusive amount of extreme closeups of people we'd rather be get far away from to make their misery our own, but the technique is sporadically successful like during a long emotional love scene in which the viewer feels intimately involved in the act to the point of discomfort.

Jake W (ag) wrote: my kid loved this one. not as funny as blazing saddles but has the same sense of humor.

Clinton P (br) wrote: I'm not a huge fan of Richard Burton, but this is solid film.

Wes S (es) wrote: Bland and slow, but the monster is fun and the film is rather quirky. The characters are so-so, and the editing is a bit off. Nothing really interesting, but it's a watchable monster movie.

Jey A (nl) wrote: No......... >_<" Never....