Mission: Hollywood

Mission: Hollywood

Two upcoming actresses attempt to establish their film company and get their first feature film produced with comedic results.

Two upcoming actresses attempt to establish their film company and get their first feature film produced with comedic results. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrey B (nl) wrote: I find this movie pretty depressive like alcoholism itself. It's nice to see a realistic picture concerning this problem: it's not that all verdant and vernal being sober too after lifetime of drinking and partying.

Jason H (fr) wrote: Slow pacing. Lotta talking. Couldnt stop watching. Like playing an older strategy game.

Raul M (fr) wrote: Powerful little film. One that hits close to home.

Monica F (gb) wrote: This is a good movie. Although the acting was stilted, I enjoyed the thinking about what makes a good vs a bad priest?

Jian G (ca) wrote: Dead Silence has a promising premise, and effectively emulates the eerie retro look of horror classics. Unfortunately all this potential is squandered with a weak script, dull characters, non-scary kills, and a short 89 minute running time (5 minutes of which are spent on opening credits), all concluding with an uninteresting twist ending. Any creepy moments here are mild and intermittent.

Joel K (es) wrote: It's better to build a tolerance -- like of an illicit drug -- of Lewis Black first: a clip from "The Daily Show"; then try his "Comedy Central Presents" half-hour specials; then graduate either to his CDs or his hour-long specials on HBO. "Black on Broadway" is Lewis Black's best televised set, though the CD of his Burbank performance -- his best work -- is heavily recycled here. But it's not for those dislike strong language, as Mr. Black most certainly does like it... a lot.

Charlie E (ag) wrote: great movie after follow up from the cartoon version prequel.

jwasu r (mx) wrote: Cringe inducing dialogue and predictable plot along with some oversimplified politics make for a barely watchable film. It's a shame because it's a decent cast. sherilyn fenn is in this, for all you peakers out there.

Alex G (br) wrote: Wasn't a fan of the first one, but my love for Bruce Campbell kept me watching. Killing him off 10 minutes into the sequel immediately made me stop watching the film the first time. Now after giving it a second chance, I am happy I did. The best low budget car chase I have ever seen. This is a vast improvement from the first film. A very fun and even clever film.B-Movie gold.

bill s (au) wrote: Williams shows his chops and stil his zany antics shine....great cast,good movie..

Splits T (br) wrote: An offbeat, quirky little surreal comedy about an recently fired worker who seems to have invented a device that allows people to see heaven, while his friends and family doubt his sanity. A unique, wonderful little gem from the 80s that's also beautifully shot and quite funny with its surreal execution of such a quirky story. Hard to find but really worth a look. B+

Erwin F (it) wrote: What a outstandind film.

Jason T (us) wrote: Maybe the most erotic and arousing film ever made. Imagine a beautiful woman who has to have it 5 times every night. That was the real Sada Abe. Much of her obsession came from being raped when she was 14 by a young boy then having to work as a prostitute being dissatisfied with low-wage jobs in 1920's and 30's. Finally at age 30 she finds a man who stands out and she goes over the moon. She truly loves him, if a woman this damaged can actually love. Unfortunately she is now one crazy Asian and he is married. His wife gives him all the sex he wants and enjoys it but he is never satisfied and will do just about any woman within reach. This is Japan as a world power aggressively attacking other nations and seeking domination in the 1930's. Perhaps a precarious, unstable homeland where eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow it's way over, was part of the consciousness. This could explain the cultural fascination with morbid, violent and wide-open sex at the time. Because she loved him so much and did not want any other woman to have him she strangled him while having orgasms, wildly gyrating with his hard, erect penis inside her (graphically portrayed and 100% real sex). The final scene is take-your-breath-away stuff.In reality, she kept his severed balls and penis wrapped up and tried to insert it into her vagina many times afterward. She also kept it in her mouth. After her arrest and trial she was given six years and released after five. Everyone but Sada made a fortune writing about her story. The director of this amazing film actually interviewed her around 1975 after finding her living in a nunnery.

Jason A (mx) wrote: Really? I mean the soundtrack was amazing and breathtaking but it's so rritating to listen too with its rapid cuts about WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? How this Doco won so many awards is beyond me.

Enaid N (de) wrote: I kept waiting for something good to happen. Guess it was in room 1407. :/

Trevor W (kr) wrote: Although the third act is satisfying, the knowledge of the first film's plot leaves it predictable. Some of the twists of Ocean's Twelve are unexpected, most not. The real flaws of the the film are the messy, unfocused cinematography, editing, and plot development.

Dee B (nl) wrote: It's like one of those movies that aren't straight forward but is very haunting. The twist at the end left you completely confused and kind of irritated that it was the ending. But hey, naked Shailene Woodlley and the provocative nature of the movie made it sort of worth it.