Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

In the 4th installment of the Mission Impossible series, Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and his team are racing against time to track down a dangerous terrorist named Hendricks (Nyqvist), who has gained access to Russian nuclear launch codes and is planning a strike on the United States. An attempt to stop him ends in an explosion causing severe destruction to the Kremlin and the IMF to be implicated in the bombing, forcing the President to disavow them. No longer being aided by the government, Ethan and his team chase Hendricks around the globe, although they might still be too late to stop a disaster.

In the fourth installment of the Mission Impossible series, Ethan Hunt and a new team race against time to track down Hendricks, a dangerous terrorist who has gained access to Russian nuclear launch codes and is planning a strike on the United States. An attempt by the team to stop him at the Kremlin ends in a disaster, with an explosion causing severe damage to the Kremlin and the IMF being implicated in the bombing, forcing the President to invoke Ghost Protocol, under which the IMF is disavowed, and will be offered no help or backup in any form. Undaunted, Ethan and his team chase Hendricks to Dubai, and from there to Mumbai, but several spectacular action sequences later, they might still be too late to stop a disaster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew S (gb) wrote: No denying that Xavier Dolan presents a unique and bold voice in cinema -- and a voice obtained at a very young age. I held back on ever writing about this film until I had an opportunity to see it again. Much of the flamboyance, look and overall style from his first major film, "Heartbeats," is here. To his credit, Dolan pursues a much deeper level of humanity via melodrama in "Laurence Anyways." The film is bold and gushes imagery, music, emotions and ideas. It is an ambitious undertaking for a filmmaker this young. Xavier Dolan beats the odds and the film works. The problem here is that the movie works "despite" Dolan. The actors give such strong performances and the story is exploring aspects that have sadly never been fully explored until only recently. It is impossible to dismiss "Laurence Anyways" as it signals the arrival of a potentially important filmmaker. The challenge one faces in truly enjoying the movie is that it is all just too much. Never quite surreal, but then never quite grounded enough to fully "swallow" -- this is a world that is only ever half formed. But a half of Dolan's world offers more than many other's full effort. It is a worthy but flawed film.

Thomas W (it) wrote: Although not a tearjerker or a five-hanky flick, Immigration Tango made me feel quite sad as I watched it knowing that the four lead actors (McCaleb Burnett, Ashley Wolfe, Elika Portnoy and Carlos Leon) probably signed on to this movie with a LOT of hope and some high-flying dreams that this would be "the one" that got each of them discovered/recognized and it would become their "stepping stone" that led to bigger and better roles and movies . There is little doubt that whatever follows Immigration Tango will be much better ... but that is only because this one is sooo subpar. It is poorly written and filled with everyday cliches; badly over-emphasized accents; and demeaning stereotypes (I was rather surprised by some of them still being around in 2011!). As the film begins, we are introduced to the two couples who live in Miami and are best friends. A dating couple from the U.S. -- Mike and Betty -- struggle with student loans and his doctoral thesis (she is also still in law school). Their best friends, Elena and Carlos, are not native born -- she is eastern European and he is from Colombia (random supporting characters waste no timer in asking him for cocaine -- although that is so 1980's!) -- and they soon face the threat of deporation by ICE. It all spirals out-of-control when SHE is sexually harrassed at a job interview and the sleazoid she'd denied turned her in (as if ... especially since the entire confrontation was on speakerphone and the entire office heard his deplorable behavior). As a means of "helping" their best friends in this time of need, the couples "swap out" and Mike marries Elena while Betty weds Carlos. Immigration Tango introduces various family members who don't know what to make of the new developments and aslo many Immigration Enforcement Officers who are simply doing their jobs investigating the new green card couples. And speaking of which, it is basically THAT movie 20-plus years later ... although Green Card is FAR SUPERIOR to this one and there is no worrying about Monticello here. None of this feels spontaneous or original and it comes across feeling like a slightly-demeaning sitcom. All of the characters had a specific role to fill at the onset of the film -- and they never deviate as NONE of characters could be original. If you don't see this movie, you aren't missing much. There's little here ... and the four stars are still looking for their stepping stone.

Justin M (kr) wrote: Edu-tainment at its worst for me. Too much humor I think. I think this sort of thing works when talking about Big Macs and super sizing your fried but with religion and terrorists I think its a bit misplaced. And its not like I find the subject matter touchy. Execution was just the problem for me.

Kristina K (br) wrote: One of my favorite Jean Reno movies. Very funny and has a lot of action!

Russell G (ru) wrote: The sub-title, Back to Perfection is misleading. It implies that Kevin Bacon and Reba McEntire are back, or that it will be as good as the first movie. No, it is not; in fact, it is much worse. This time the returning cast consists of one secondary character, Burt. His character was very funny when paired with Reba McEntire the first time, but in the second outing, he lost much of his humor but still made a small contribution. This is not the kind of character to carry forward and build an entire third movie around, but that is exactly what this movie does. Of course, there is another group of townspeople to make a rounded out hunting team. Tremors was always campy but in this movie, the bad acting across the board is distracting and prevents the formation of likable characters. It reduces the movie to the action or the experience of what is happening, which is not something a movie like this should emphasize. The second episode tried to introduce a different metamorphic evolution of the Graboids to fight something new. In this movie, the creatures undergo an additional set of metamorphic changes, now they fly. This idea to evolve the creatures in the second movie was a fair at best, but to repeat that same process twice to make a new monster is just stupid. It is hard to see how this movie got funding when investors read a script like this, even harder to believe that they came back for a fourth movie later.

Pamela R (ca) wrote: I've seen it like 3 times

Sajin P (mx) wrote: Harry Callahan, who's already pissed off at " the system" now has to deal with a band of vigilante cops who are even more pissed off at the same system. In this movie Harry is crossing lines with someone of his own kind, and we come to understand that he's much more than a gun toting maniac and knows where to draw his boundaries. In his own words, "A man's got to know his limitations"..

Jeremy S (es) wrote: Not one of my favorites. I don't know I just think Monroe was trying to do something different but it didn't do anything for me