Mission of Justice

Mission of Justice

After opening with gratuitous soft-core intercourse, followed by the killing of the heads of a criminal gang seeking control of Thailand’s drug trade, things get a little better. In an early role, Carrie Ng leads a Thai police task force and issues a lot of orders while posing in a rather striking paramilitary uniform! Moon Lee and Yukari are sent into the jungle as undercover operatives running a sting operation. Eventually they run the gang to ground, ambushing a river opium convoy amid a string of double-crosses. Although hundreds of rounds are expended throughout the movie, the gun play tends to be formulaic.

Kurt Harris (Jeff Wincott), a bitter, ex-cop goes undercover in the "Peacemakers" after his friend is killed by their leader. While there, he discovers that the woman wants to run for mayor... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay R (ru) wrote: this movie sucked a dick up.

Prayfon P (ag) wrote: truly touch my heart! Great movie!!

Bart (kr) wrote: y does almost every movie starts with "The" and "Un" gee directors.. change that

Ola G (it) wrote: Its East Berlin, Alex Kerner (Daniel Brhl)lives with his sister, Ariane (Maria Simon), his mother, Christiane (Katrin Sa), and Ariane's infant daughter, Paula. His father fled to the West in 1978, apparently abandoning the family. In his absence, Christiane has become an ardent idealist and supporter of the ruling Socialist Unity Party of Germany (the Party). Alex takes part in an an anti-government demonstration, where he meets a girl by chance, but they are separated by the riot police before they could properly introduce themselves. When Christiane sees Alex being arrested, she suffers a near-fatal heart attack and falls into a coma. The police ignore Alexander's plea to assist his mother, instead releasing him later that evening to go and see her. While visiting his mother at the hospital, Alex again meets the girl from the demonstration, who is revealed to be Lara (Chulpan Khamatova), a young nurse from the Soviet Union taking care of his mother. Alex becomes smitten with her and asks her out. The two soon begin dating and develop a close bond. Shortly afterward, the Berlin Wall falls. In that time, capitalism comes to East Berlin, and Alex loses his job before "winning" a new position in a lottery to install satellite dishes with West Berlin resident Denis Domaschke (Florian Lukas), an aspiring filmmaker with whom Alex quickly becomes good friends, while Ariane leaves university to work at a Burger King drive-through. After eight months, Christiane awakes, but is severely weakened both physically and mentally. Her doctor asserts that any shock might cause another, possibly fatal, heart attack. Alex realises that the discovery of recent events would be too much for her to bear, and so sets out to maintain the illusion that things are as before in the German Democratic Republic...This is a humorous, but yet dramatic and as well tragic look upon the fall of DDR in 1989. But, "Goodbye Lenin" is as well about the love to your parents and vice versa. The wish to do anything to protect a loved one from "evil" means in life. As I have recently visited Berlin and the DDR museum, the whole ideology of the DDR seems to have been made up, but unfortunately it was not. The life of East Berlin must have been such a traumatic experience in so many ways both before and after the wall came down. Its strange to think about the wall today and the fall. I remember it vividly, but I reckon I had not proper understanding of what that meant back then and the oppression of the people in DDR. "Goodbye Lenin" is a historic document with a playfulness of the serious topic, but yet it manages to keep the balance. I liked particularly the beautiful Chulpan Khamatova as Lara.

Daniel A (ru) wrote: Raunchy, campy fun in a faux-Almodovar style. It's genuinely fascinating to see Hollywood's hottest couple looking fresh-faced almost 20 years before they tied the knot in real life, as Bardem and Cruz demonstrate an early example of the charisma and talent that would one day propel them both to Oscar glory. Luna's direction is amusingly overblown, much like the story, but Jamon Jamon is a successfully sexy melodrama that flows like the finest of Spanish soap operas.

Eddie T (nl) wrote: A cult classic! A must see if you liked Robert Blake in "Baretta"!

Roland S (ca) wrote: The last scene is wonderful

Doug R (gb) wrote: Pretty good movie. Wasn't that funny just enjoyed the story. Didn't hurt that Tea Leoni was in it! Big Jim Carrey fan and he didn't letdown here!