Mission Sex Control

Mission Sex Control

In 1971 birth control was a major policy drive of the Korean government. Nevertheless, one poor farming village went against the trend, boasting the highest fertility rate in the country. This peaceful Yongdu Village receives an unwelcome visitor, the national family planning officer Hyun-joo, to oversee the villagers nocturnal pleasures. However as a single lady with little experience of her own, Hyun-joo finds it nearly impossible persuade the residents to use contraception. She finally appoints the village head Suk-gu as the local support officer and thus begins the “0% Birth Rate Project.” Appointing him brings more turmoil to the villagers and when the President comes to inspect…

During the 70s the Korean government worries about overpopulation. A young and idealist woman is designated a village and goes to preach the gospel of population control to the traditional villagers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dana B (kr) wrote: Honest, compelling, disturbing, and very very real, GMO OMG takes you on a journey that you will never, and should never forget. Jeremy shares the most valuable and beautiful part of his life with us, his family. Together we journey around the country, taking a very real look at our farming industry, the food we eat, and just how serious our food problems have gotten. I felt with them, the loss of innocence, and spiritual malady we are all suffering from. Not only because we allow huge biochemical companies like Monsanto to use us and our children as the test subjects for their experimental foods, but because we never stopped to wonder what was in our food in the first place. We talk about how the world has changed, and how much better, safer, and more family and love centered it used to be, but we still trust the food on the shelves without so much as a glance at the label. We have lost touch, as a society, with the most basic thing in our lives; our food. Jeremy and his family give us a much needed reality check, and they do so with love. There is nothing but peace in what he does. That kind of soulfulness is rare, and important. We will need it, going forward, as we take back our food, our health, and our right to know. Please watch this film. Share it with those you love, and be well. -Dana Kay Wyrick

Benjamin O (jp) wrote: Brotherly redemption.

A5J4D X (br) wrote: 10/10 Epic fighting and meaning!

Kamil Z (it) wrote: go on and compare it with BM. that's what has happend since 1960.

Rameshwar I (mx) wrote: It is one of those movies where you can neither guess the reason for the revenge nor the actual end play (by midway). Definitely the emphasis is on style over substance, glorifying goriness than the emotional connect and acting is definitely not its strong suite. Despite its emotional and language barriers, it is a victory for movie making by having a stranglehold on audience attention up until 90% of the movie. Dae-su Oh (Min-sik Choi) is a careless drunk and has rubbed many people the wrong way. On his daughter's birthday, he is abducted and put in a room without giving a reason for the cause. He is put in an independent room of an apartment without any scope for a conversation except for a television, mostly drugged, fed the same duck dumpling and occasionally visited by a hypnotist. As he prepares himself by learning boxing and other martial arts from what he can gather from television to extract revenge on the person who might have done this to him and also digging a tunnel in parallel for his escape, one fine day he is let off after 15 years. Can he do what he has been preparing for?It is a captivating premise to be imprisoned without knowing the reason and source while also keeping the audience in the same state of ignorant mind as the protagonist. This establishes an empathy from the audience who will embark on a journey with the protagonist till the end of story (or the reveal). As the hype builds up over a period of time, it cannot be fizzled out with a run-of-the-mill reason and that's where the story kicks into another least expected dimension. All the loopholes and misfires are temporarily forgotten and we change to the new ride and hop along with a renewed interest which again acts in the movie's favor.A special mention should go to Ji-tae Yu who plays the character Woo-jin Lee, he does it with such elan that makes you think that you are not just seeing a good vs. evil story. The story and screenplay is well thought out and executed that greatly influences how the editing eventually turns out. While the boldness of the content is surely to be appreciated in a mainstream cinema, the way it ends is what emphasizes the grayness of the human mind. A classic generally attributes to how the audience reacted to it rather than how well it is made, in that aspect Oldboy definitely is a cult classic that overcomes the goofy acting, uneven scenes and continuity issues to become something that is much more.Less you know about it, more you can enjoy its forbidden, adventurous and a bumpy ride.

Jamie C (fr) wrote: Good animated film something the kids will enjoy maybe not so much for most adults as most of its jokes are old but it's fun.

Alyssa B (gb) wrote: One of my favorite go-to comedies. If you can get past the silliness, there are some truly hilarious lines and moments

Jiashu X (kr) wrote: A little disappointed to see that many of the side characters from the first film had minor roles or didn't appear at all. Still, this is a daring and fairly satisfying sequel to its predecessor. The difference in music writers becomes apparent almost immediately, without enough of Alan Menken's subtlety or magic touch to make them memorable. The animation isn't quite up to par with the first film's either. That said, John Smith's contribution to the plot in this sequel is commendable, and his interaction with John Rolfe is much more interesting than his obviously dwindled flame with Pocahontas. Rolfe himself is a charming character who doesn't disappoint in the manner that he becomes the love interest, although many may resent the fact that Pocahontas didn't end up with Smith. Nonetheless, I respect that the film-makers didn't go for the usual traditional ending and instead chose to throw in the element of unpredictability by staying true to Pocahontas' historical relationship with Rolfe, minus her untimely illness and later death (come on, Disney still has to appeal to children). It was as good an ending as I could have personally asked for. On a final note, William Shakespeare's cameo in this film is misleading since he actually died shortly before Pocahontas reached London in 1616. But I guess it was a humourous touch.

Eric B (de) wrote: Great movie. Beautifully written and acted. Loved it.

Bill B (ag) wrote: I was able to give this one a spin on DVD with the Rifftrax commentary, and I would say that while the movie may sort of stand on its own, the jokes obviously help it out a good bit. Rental!