Mission to Lars

Mission to Lars

Kate and Will Spicer's brother, Tom, has Fragile X Syndrome, the most common form of inherited learning disability. He is also a massive fan of Lars Ulrich from Metallica. They made a ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:74 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Kate and Will Spicer's brother, Tom, has Fragile X Syndrome, the most common form of inherited learning disability. He is also a massive fan of Lars Ulrich from Metallica. They made a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (gb) wrote: Unintelligible. Because nobody cared when Hawkeye was in a Bourne movie, Jason (Matt Damon) is back. He's still got the CIA on his tail, and he still has secrets from his past to uncover. You may think that I may be a bit vague giving the plot synopsis to this, and you would be right, I am doing exactly that. But I challenge you to watch this at your fullest attention and give a more detailed summary of what this about. I could not for the life of me determine the plot to this as I was watching this, which is the absolute last thing you want from your action thriller. Now I can't say that I have ever been a giant fan of these movies; I love the Paul Greengrass movies that don't star Matt Damon (United 93, Captain Phillips), but for these Bourne sequels, I don't like the craft to it. They are largely just straight action movies, and they are shot too tightly to be able to appreciate what exactly is being filmed. In fact, this movie actually makes the previous movies seem worse; they are just doing the same thing that its predecessors have done, only with much more fumbling. The scripts to these movies have never been all that strong in my opinion, and here is the low point. If it is not a segment of people briskly walking, it's a scene in a large, open room with lots of computers, a giant monitor, and a lot of furrowed brows on agents that are just flabbergasted that Jason Bourne is still a threat. The score is decent I suppose, but just because you put exciting music in doesn't make your boring movie suddenly interesting. I am honestly struggling to come up with something nice to say about this. The pun "Jason Bored" has already been made a ton of times, but it is wholly applicable. The only remaining thing I have to say about this is a bit of advice: if you want to reboot this, just go ahead and reboot it, but don't continue with subpar sequels that clearly don't have anything new to bring to the table. You're just wasting everyone's time and your money, because the public's interest is sure to disappear if you keep making movies like this one here.

Matthew S (jp) wrote: Yorgos Lanthimos' follow up to Dogtooth is not quite as successful, but almost just as fascinating. Lanthimos is essentially taking an inverse perspective on what he examined in Dogtooth. In Dogtooth we saw a family struggling to form identities within a false or fake reality. In Alps, we follow a small group of people hellbent on escaping their own real identity to a fake one. A group of people form a secret society designed to sneak individual into the world of another in a surrealistic approach to the idea of "surrogates" In Lanthimos' world, as in reality -- any group of more than 3 individuals, there will always be a seemingly inherent need to find ways to express roles of leadership and superiority. This is only one angle of struggle facing these Reality Surrogates. Humor is dispensed in odd and deadpan manner. When a surrogate expresses her desire to perform a gymnastic number to a popular tune, those who have positioned themselves as "leaders" look at her purely devoted performance with disdain. The leader dismisses her fake reality desire with a harsh judgement: "You're not ready for Pop music!" --- the result is both funny and off-putting. As desired reality is no longer a satisfying option, one of the members of these recently formed society rebels. This individual is rebelling against the rigid rules of her own society to force her way into the "reality" she desire. The desire and need for escaping real identity into an unreal one proves to a problematic challenge in more ways than one. Ultimately, the characters are blocked by cultural and society from all angles as the need for rebellion grows.

Fredrickson M (de) wrote: Beautiful film, and I think really powerful whether you've seen Once or not, beautifully shot and paced, loved it.

Shasta J (nl) wrote: oh my gosh. two of my favorite actors! tilda and tom! hotness alert!

Ian P (nl) wrote: Middle age romance, major life crisis, broken relationships... It's never too late for a second chance. This is what Nights in Rodanthe tries to share to its audience. A lesson and message that the other critics of this film failed to absorb. This story is about finding second chances amidst hurt, frustration and depression. The dramatic theme side of the story comes when tragedy strikes the lead characters romance story. The movie also has one of the best setting in Nicolas Sparks movie adaptations. The North Carolina beach, beach-town inn are all delightful to see! Richard Gere and Diane Lane delivered the goods and acted effortlessly. Even Viola Davis as Adrienne Willis' bestfriend Jean was notable in the movie including Mae Whitman as the rebellious daughter of Adrienne and James Franco as Paul's son in a supporting role was commendable. The last few scenes have an intense drama on it so be ready to shed tears if you must. Overall, Nights in Rodanthe shares to us that love deserves a second chance.

Breeyon B (fr) wrote: This film is utterly hilarious as it is awkward. The perfect cast. I would have gone with a different route with the ending, talent shows and those types of competitions have been done. But Posey, Pohler, and Dratch make the perfect match as three awkward friends with one awkward friendship you just can't help but laugh at what they go through together and how they react to what's popular and what they missed in college. A must see comedy. If you enjoy laughing 'til tears come out, you'll love this film.

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David R (de) wrote: As a Scotland fan I would stay clear of an England football DVD, but this is a laugh a second. (Benson & Hedges) lol.

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Wes S (it) wrote: It follows much of the same formula from the other Dracula movies, but obviously it hasn't worn out yet. Lee gets more screen-time and dialog than the previous film, and there are a nice bit more gore. There is also several interesting usages of colors, which make this film seem more artsy.

David W (jp) wrote: A werewolf movie that touches on the changes of puberty. It is similar to "Teen Wolf" in that regard, but this movie is more angsty and overall scarier.

Robert I (de) wrote: How the mighty have fallen... Clive Barker used to make such good films too. Nonetheless, you have to see it. Scott Bakula as Harry D'Amour is a letdown to Barker fans... Well, I'll forgive it and Barker when "The Scarlet Gospels" is published!!!! XD