Mississippi Mermaid

Mississippi Mermaid

Adapted from a story by William Irish, it's a noirish tale of a man who orders a mail-order bride but receives instead a con woman.

Louis Mahe is a tobacco planter at Reunion Island. He is waiting for Julie Roussel to marry her. He only knows her by mail. The woman that comes does not like the picture he got, but he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William T (nl) wrote: This obviously didn't get rave reviews as it isn't full of CGI, what is does have is a brilliant and intense story that is so well written, brilliant acting and an incredible music score. Every main character is acted superbly and JG and AA are incredible in their portrayals. All the pieces are masterfully arranged by Tom Ford who has created a story within story, his vision is a masterpiece.

Jerice B (ag) wrote: Thank you for making this movie.

W G (au) wrote: This movie really succeeds on many levels, and I really enjoyed watching it. It's a great mystery movie to try and get your head around, and has very solid production values. Way better than a lot of the other movies in this genre and budget class that I have seen. A really terrific ending that I never saw coming.

Gena D (ag) wrote: How tragic is it that the writer died in a fashion essentially described in the very film she last wrote? :(The film itself isn't memorable. Has its moments of clarity but isn't anything to write home about. Nice cast though.

ayrreyannia M (nl) wrote: so funny ~~~~~~

Jason Z (fr) wrote: I can't explain how much i love this film.

Steve W (nl) wrote: Also known as "The Black Sheep Affair", this movie sets the standard for over-dramatic. Everything in this movie is turned up to 11, the fight scenes are taken out of an old school wuxia film, (Siu-Ting Ching did the fight scenes) and everyone is pretty much shouting in every scene.Take in a boring plot about an evil prime minister of a fictional European country, a villainous cult leader, poorly dubbed Russians, and you have a very boring action movie. It does have some interesting fight scenes, but the shootouts were totally over the top and terrible.The main guy is as static as a character you can get, who has as much charisma as a stone statue. Qi Shu is here for a love interest, but the plot plods around and doesn't even surprise you one bit.The saving grace is that final sword fight. Find it on youtube but don't watch the movie.

Tyger H (nl) wrote: One of my favorite movies ever. I'm not exactly sure why, but it's the one movie I still own on VHS while I wait for the (Criterion!) DVD to be released.

Claudette A (kr) wrote: Pitt is great in this movie. He is a creepy as.......

Matt M (br) wrote: A pedantic young man gets involved in a romantic three way with two women, one an older and more mature woman, the other a young and sexually promiscuous one. At over three hours in length, this could just about be considered an epic of the French New Wave. It's certainly one of the best examples of the cinematic movement. Eustache's personal film seeks to find true emotions by stripping down cinema to its bare essentials with primordial cinematographic techniques and lengthy but nevertheless meaningful monologues. The Mother and the Whore is also blessed with great acting, led by Jean-Pierre Laud's iconic and charismatic interpretation of the narcissistic, morally questionable yet fascinating and charming lead character Alexandre.

Edgar C (it) wrote: Noe's entry into the face of cinema is more of an exercise in style to work in his aggressive delivery of his ideas rather than a purely experimental film, like it has been labeled to. Maybe those segments which make the film seem "incoherent" or "experimental" as a whole refer mainly to the cinematic influences, like the opening sequence nodding at Franju's Blood of the Beasts (1949) and Blood Feast (1963) by Gordon Lewis. Despite its style over substance, the style correlates with the film's bleak and pessimistic statements about the selfishness of the world, with certain technical stunts possibly suggesting that the film is actually a mockery at certain segments of modern society, and a dark comedy.Thoroughly enjoyable, No clearly never cared about the critics. I applaud that.So now it is obvious what I am about to hit 'Play' to...85/100

Zack B (us) wrote: This is one of the very best Disney movies and it's really magical. Every character delivers and every actor brings their game. It's a little slow but it's fun. Let's go fly a kite anyday and feed the birds whenever!!!

Tony K (nl) wrote: A good solid war film. Excellent performances, especially from Anthony Quayle. The availability of real warships contributes to the realism, though the harbour Graf Spee anchors in is obviously Valetta, not Montevideo. Trivia: Michael Goodliffe and William Squire, who work together observing the Graf Spee and tricking the Germans, both go on to play Callan's boss, Hunter.

John W (jp) wrote: Starring Clara Bow, Buddy Rogers and Richard Arlen. The first Oscar-winning best-picture has dated considerably in the nearly ninety years since its release. The story centers on two young men who find love and adventure as pilots in the Air Force during WWI. Several parts of the romantic subplot are unnecessary and weigh down the action. But the aerial sequences remain stunning and are the principle reason to recommend the film to modern audiences. Blink and you'll miss Gary Cooper in one of his first major film appearances. Directed by William Wellman, himself a WWI veteran.

Lee M (us) wrote: Utterly unconventional and capably done from top to bottom-from cinematography to acting, HOUSE OF LAST THINGS is definitely something you haven't seen before. The dream like malleability of this film makes this film a truly unique experience.

Trevor W (fr) wrote: Took the major problems of the first two and almost completely got rid of them by replacing them with a great adventure with Indiana and his father/Eskimo Brother. The action sequences aren't as fun but also not as absurd or relied upon. It does feel stretched out at points and relatively safe, but it's still better than the first two.

LOS F (ru) wrote: Why did Superman have eyeliner? Why did Batman look like Dracula? The story was okay.

Leonard D (it) wrote: This wasn't bad, even though the acting can be too over the top at times. And what kind of an angel would say to you, "Give up!?" Is he daring you to sock him in the face!?

shelly a (jp) wrote: Severely dire and stagnant. I found myself wishing I could fast forward to the part where they actually tell the story of what he saw in the 90 minutes in heaven. I could have lived without the horrendous attempt at a southern accent.

Alex D (us) wrote: really underrated best film I hav seen in a long time