Missy and the Maxinator

Missy and the Maxinator

Max and Missy have been best friends for as long as they can remember, and now Max is falling in love with her. But strange things start happening to him at school. He can see through walls, hear distant voices, and he suddenly has super-human strength! When students start mysteriously disappearing after school Max and his friends stumble upon a sinister plot by his teachers to take over the world. And when they kidnap Missy, Max must put his new found superpowers to the test to save the girl he loves.

Max and Missy have been best friends for as long as they can remember, and now Max is falling in love with her. But strange things start happening to him at school. He can see through walls... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Serge L (ru) wrote: The university movies are a dime a dozen. A bit formulaic. The monsters have to prove themselves to be scare worthy. It's a prequel so the monsters had not yet found that laughter was paying more. Whatever... it's watchable and the animations are really getting great. Textures and all.

Artful (au) wrote: Does the film tell us anything we didn't know already?

katrina (nl) wrote: thiz movie is funny and okay i guess

Mike L (ca) wrote: Over the top cheesy...the Dr Phil skit, AKA Dr Dwayne was definitely the funniest part of the movie.

Linda S (it) wrote: Ok movie but typical Willis movie regarding acting but boring script.

Sepp V (kr) wrote: The good thing is, I only wasted 15 minutes :)

Travion W (us) wrote: I really want to see this

Mark W (de) wrote: iyhofgogkfkgp;fgj;jluj(:

Al M (es) wrote: At times funny and at other times thoroughly creepy, Twilight Zone: The Movie remains one of the great horror anthology films. A great cast, talented directors, and a quartet of bizarre and creepy stories makes it a classic of 80s horror cinema.

Helen P (fr) wrote: I have always liked this movie.

Stuart S (ru) wrote: A very entertaining film, ringing the changes (if a bit self-consciously) on the hard-boiled noir film, with some laughs.

Matthew C (ca) wrote: I do firmly believe that this is one of Garbo's most unforgettable performances. I haven't seen many of her films so perhaps that statement loses credibility but her acting is mesmerizing here and her presence genuine and commanding. The rest of the cast does a fine job as well, especially Gilbert. But it's no wonder why Garbo's name is three times the size of the title of the movie on the poster. She IS this movie. The film itself is confusing to me. I understand it's about a woman who can't be a woman, who pretends not to think or dream like a woman but does so anyway. She longs to follow the voice in her heart crying out for romance and happiness and freedom but she is fiercely loyal to her people. This loyalty begins with a cute scene where a young Christina, played wonderfully by Cora Sue Collins, accepts the crown. Her duty is challenged and her heart leaps out of her when she meets the Spanish envoy, bringing word that the King of Spain wishes to marry her. But in a great scene where Christina is dressed as a man, (by the way homosexuality isn't necessarily implied here at all so anyone who thinks so is bringing modern thinking into this story which doesn't require it), she and the envoy are tense until the truth is revealed and they fall in love. Christina chooses him, an affair which isn't moral, over her duty to her people. Then something happens to him which makes the movie even more depressing. The story sends mixed messages and by the end I wasn't sure what I should have rooted for or what the movie was really getting at.

Tim C (br) wrote: Not bad addition. Came together well, acting and effects were sub par, ideas and sets were good.