Mister Twister Goes Camping

Mister Twister Goes Camping

Class 6b is going camping, led by Mees Kees and Principal Dreus. But after Dreus strains her back all responsibility suddenly rests on the shoulders of Kees. When things go wrong, he begins to doubt himself. But he soon learns that it is not about making mistakes, but about how to solve them.

Class 6b is going camping, led by Mister Twister (Mees Kees) and Mrs. Dreus. But Dreus strains her back and suddenly all responsibility rests on the shoulders of Mees Kees. When things go ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Irvin C (fr) wrote: A shocking, horrifying film about a young criminology student/rookie cop/new father/new husband who takes an extra job for much needed extra pay but gets more than what he bargained for as he joins a group of corrupt cops doing unspeakable things to a hooker. I can see how Mendoza won Best Director at Cannes. It's a tense film. It singlehandedly turned familiar sights and sounds around Manila into a surreal nightmare of sorts as it builds to its inevitable conclusion. A bit heavyhanded here and there but nevertheless quite compelling and appropriately shattering.

Japes (es) wrote: Hahahahaha. This movie was so entertaining (in a sad way). Even though it was by far the shittiest scary movie I have ever seen, I absolutely loved it. The irrational decisions made by the characters, and the completely unrealistic gore was fantastic. It was hilarious. I was cracking up. The acting was awful; you will never hear about any of those actors ever again. haha. The one boy was on a table getting nails drilled into his arm and he was like "Ow." hahahaha. No screaming just "Ow". "What are you doing. Ow. No. Ow." No exclamation points or question marks. haha classic. The writer for this movie is pure genius. The actors are just as talented though. It seemed like I was watching a bunch of kids from my high school perform a skit they really, really didn't want to do, but they had to for a grade. I also don't think any of the actors read the script or thought about what they were saying/doing. Apparently the one boy and girl were supposed to be siblings, but it seemed like they were a little too intimate to be blood related- they gazed into each others eyes, held each other in close embraces, and were constantly worried about one another. It was creepy. Their relationship scared me more than the fact that they were being hunted by a mad man. The gore was terrible as well. The blood on that one knife looked like strawberry jelly. Like first of all, blood doesn't dry quite that quickly, and when it does dry, it doesn't look like magenta in color, nor does it look sticky. It looked like it had the texture of burnt cheese. Yum. The whole plot was totally flawed as well. Whose idea was it to have a bunch of kids explore a closed down mental facility? Hmmm? I think it sounded better in their head. There were a bunch of plot holes like the motive, and the history of the mental facility. It was really unclear in the film.....Speaking of clarity, I bet the movie would've been a lot easier to understand had the sound of the film been audible! Some parts were so loud, and other parts were so quiet I couldn't hear what the people were saying. I had to constantly fiddle with the volume, and I hate doing that when I watch movies. The whole movie was unrealistic, duh, but some parts were so unrealistic I couldn't control myself. This one part was probably the best part of the entire movie. The professor or kid or whatever got stabbed in the stomach. It was a pretty deep wound, so his entire shirt was soaked with blood (or strawberry jelly). The part that made me crack up was the fact that because of his "stomach wound" he was unable to walk. I would love to know how a wound to the stomach would affect the mobility of his legs. If his wound was in the back, yeah I guess paralysis could be a reason for his walking impairment, but this was his [I]stomach[/I]. So the dude is crawling on the floor (on his stomach because that doesn't hurt at all), and though his wound is deep and his t-shirt is soaked with blood, there's no trail of blood or anything on the ground. haha. Wait, what? It's a sad, sad attempt at movie making. The lighting is off, the editing is bad, I could go on and on. I did really enjoy this movie though. I haven't laughed this much at a horror movie in a longggg time.

Seth J (jp) wrote: I made it 24 minutes.

Richard F (jp) wrote: Sweaty Svend! This is quirky but dark film with some oddball Danish humour that recalls the Swedish film You The Living. Based around cannibalism and a pair of butchers, it's all very well-contained, well-directed and well-acted. A great little film if you can get hold of it.

Steven T (ca) wrote: This is a very underrated movie filled with great performances from Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Pepper, Rosario Dawson, and Brian Cox. The story is compelling and Spike Lee does an awesome job of directing us to understand and sympathize for a man who chose the wrong path and now has to suffer the consequences for it. Every acted scene is beautiful but the most compelling scenes are one is in the bathroom. Edward Norton explodes internally with a monologue that reminded me of Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver. Another one is a long montage of Edward Norton and Brian Cox on a drive out into the wilderness. Both of these scenes are beautifully acted and are both very powerfully directed.

Bobby L (it) wrote: Director Les Mayfield doesn't have a stellar record, at all. With duds such as Flubber and The Man to his credit, it's hard to imagine anything he makes with any sort of style. While I enjoyed Encino Man and Blue Streak, style isn't something they had. This however, has some decent style, that helps it overcome the cliches, and a few pacing issues.The cast is chock full young stars on the precipice on the verge of breaking out (now they are bona fide stars) with Colin Farrell, Scott Caan, and Ali Larter being the leads. Farrell's natural ease on the camera is present from the get go, and while he's still not all that polished, he's clearly having fun playing the famed outlaw Jesse James. Larter, whom I am torn on, as she can be good, but she can be annoying as well, is pretty good here, with this probably being one of my favorites of hers. Caan is good here, being the more stoic of the leads. He's not overly serious though, and plays it to the hilt.The supporting cast is good as well, with Timothy Dalton making for a particularly delicious villain. An ultra-young Gregory Smith pops up for a spell, and is suitable. Kathy Bates has a nice cameo as the James mother, and well, she's strong and Bates-like, so awesome.The story falls into cliche after cliche, but it's all a lot of fun, and the non-seriousness of it all makes for some good times. Yes, they are doing things for stock reasons (evil railroad barons!), but as stated before, there's a healthy dose of style. The cinematography has a great sense of depth, and shows off the landscape very well. The camera moves are also fun, with the action being shown in lots of long takes, causing a nice dynamic visual.Due to the stock, well everything, the film does have some pacing problems. Since it was obvious how and why things would happen, I have to question why spend so long in the beginning with the gang, before they start robbing. Some set-up is all well and good, but 20 minutes to get to the first heist is too long.An effective, and highly enjoyable Western romp, despite the cliches, with winning performances.

Stephen C (br) wrote: Tedious? Hardly this outstanding French thriller is far from that,but if your used to the fast pace of American Thrillers then i guess this is not for you. What the director shows here is how utterly ordianry Succo was ,He is no Hannibal Lector just a mad bad and wanting to please criminal who mesmerizez all who meet him. It helps that Stefano Casseti is outstanding as the lead ,you are drawn into his mixed up world and a part of you cant help feeling sorry for him despite the fact he is utterly insane . Its to the directors credit that you dont get to see all his shocking crimes ,just the evn more shocking aftermaths which truth be told give the film its power. The realtionship between Succo and the teenage Lea is well handled also,with the couple starting off in love and wandering towards lies and violence as Succo becomes more and more desperate. A well executed thriller which proves once again how adept French Cinema is when it comes to this particular genre.

Christopher F (br) wrote: For a movie with a title like this it's actually kinda boring.

Haytham K (ru) wrote: Absolutely mediocre! An insult to the genius of the 1968 original.

August M (de) wrote: At times incredibly boring while at other times incredibly terrifying, Repulsion is a curious psychological horror film that I don't believe quite achieved what it set out to do. Polanski's direction is fantastic, that's a given, and he is able to stage a number of unnerving scenes. Deneuve is, likewise, excellent in her role. What's most interesting about this film, however, is it's dealing with sex and sexual panic. Carol is an incredibly gorgeous, sexy woman but she is downright frightened of sex and by extension men. Carol's looks also get in her way, as men leer and intimidate her all throughout the movie. Carol doesn't know how to cope with this attention, often times never even saying an unkind word to her assailants (such as the horrifying scene where her "boyfriend" knocks down her door). Repulsion almost tries to say that men and sexual deviancy go hand in hand. As the movie progresses, it becomes more eerie and sinister, including a number of scenes where you question the reality off what is transpiring. By the end you are left wondering if Carol is a product of her environment or has simply always been this way.

JeanPaul F (it) wrote: Great casting. These two work great together and when it strength is being a buddy movie it's believable.

Ryan W (mx) wrote: A holiday classic that is hilarious for adults and children.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...

Paul K (us) wrote: Starts out quite comedic, but dives much deeper and darker by the end. The premise is a little alien to non-French viewers: I'd never heard of a viager sale until this came along. However it's a nice setup for three fine actors to romp through. Some powerful scenes exploring the damage that extramarital affairs can do to the bystanders. Written by a playwright, it plays out like a three-handed stage drama.