Misteri di terra e di mare

Misteri di terra e di mare


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Misteri di terra e di mare torrent reviews

Sheridan P (de) wrote: Man goes out to find adventure, and just keeps coming across bad ppl who want to abuse him. Eventually, he cracks and spends a night of craziness - murder, violence and sex. He decides to cut it out and go home, but is stopped at a church, and arrested. He finally finds peace in prison with his new cellmate. Strange.

Abhijit G (ag) wrote: Brilliant, big-hearted and glowing with warmth. A must-see gem.

jen b (nl) wrote: ummmmmmmmm it was an alien porno? lol

Jhay B (fr) wrote: Love! Valour! Compassion! is another film that touches on homosexuality, which has left me a sad and yet empowering emotion at looking at homosexual lifeway.This film tackles the issues on friendship, sexual relationships, genuine love, betrayal, AIDS--a touch different from the other gay films whose central contention is discrimination. The film is a showcase of good friendship challenged by betrayal and forgiveness. This was shown in Bob's betrayal of Gregory in an affair with Ramon. Despite of it, there was forgiveness from Gregory's heart. Genuine love was also seen between Arthur and Perry whose relationship stood the test of time challenged by their differing views toward life. Later in the film, Buzz also found love for ill-fated James. Put to test with James' AIDS, Buzz didn't give him up?pushing him toward greater love.The film reveals to us that love, valour, and compassion fix the damage and overcome all challenges in life.

Steph O (br) wrote: I'm not sure what to think about this movie. "American Graffiti" is one of my top ten favourite movies of all time. Maybe even top 5. So naturally it was nice to see some of those characters again. I'm glad they at least got some of the main cast back for this... although there are some very obvious people missing. No Curt?! That was sad. "More American Graffiti" does have a pretty good soundtrack though. Not as good as the first movie's soundtrack, but still decent. The parts with John Milner were pretty great too. Just as entertaining as he was in the first movie. And I loved seeing Milner and Debbie in scenes together. Most of this movie bored the crap out of me though. The timing jumps all over the place. Skips from year to year. New Years Eve 1964. New Years Eve 1966. New Years Eve 1977. And then back to 1964 again. And this really isn't done very well. I'm assuming they did it this way because at the end of the first film we are told that two of the characters in this movie die. We're told HOW they die as well. So that's...worrying. The movie kind of builds up to those deaths. I'm not confirming both of those people die though, because you never know... But yeah, it's all about the characters living in the 60s. Dealing with 60s issues. Vietnam. Husbands not wanting their wives to work, because they're women. Protests. Weed. And suchlike. Maybe I didn't like this movie because I have little to no interest in that time in history. But more likely because the direction was weird, the story was meh, and I missed Curt too much.

Daniel E (ca) wrote: Awesome mayhem and clear inspiration for Kill BIll

Trevor D (br) wrote: In a world without laws, contracts, or logic comes... "Funny Face." Audrey Hepburn is absolutely delightful, but she's saddled with one of the most ridiculous scripts I've ever come across. Aside from the laughable conceit that Hepburn indeed has the titular 'funny face' (Seriously, everyone keeps singing about how odd she looks), this is just about the most implausible love story imaginable, only moving forward because of the hypocritical words and actions of a super creepy lead male. The only reason we don't notice at first is because the guy is Fred Astaire--one of the most wonderfully talented movie stars of all time-- and he artfully distract us from his eye-rolling sexism through grace and charm.The message of the film is that celebrity and glamor is superior to intellectualism and independent thought, fashion superior to reading, and that it's a woman's sole purpose to look pretty for her man. I kept waiting for the ironic, satirical twist, but it never comes. "Funny Face" is totally straight-faced when it comes to its misogyny. Coupled with a preposterously contrived scene of attempted rape (yup), and you've got a movie that feels dangerously close to anti-women's rights propaganda. It's a shame, because the film is beautifully photographed and the musical sequences are superb. Save yourself some time and just look up Audrey's enchanting dance in the Paris bar on YouTube.

Steve H (au) wrote: I love this movie. One of my all time favs. Tom Cruise's best movie. Truely beautiful. I don't why people don't like it.