A comedy about a screenwriter (Wuhl) whose old movie script is read by a producer (Landau) and the search for financial backers begins. But it seems that each money source (Aiello, DeNiro, Wallach) has his own mistress that he wants put into the film. Gradually, the screenwriter is forced to make changes to his script to accommodate these backers until he finally sees no semblance of his original ideas in the writing.

A comedy about a screenwriter (Wuhl) whose old movie script is read by a producer (Landau) and the search for financial backers begins. But it seems that each money source (Aiello, DeNiro, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Orlok W (ca) wrote: Deeply philosophical, startlingly fresh, Lawrie Brewster's film blends modern film making techniques with old school sensibilities to create one of contemporary horror's first true classics. Reaching back to horror cinema's roots, and further back to ancient folklore and myth, Lord of Tears crafts a bleak picture of trauma and grief against the otherworldly backdrop of modern Scotland... For those who go for story, characters and a lot of atmosphere for their scares-Formidable Eeriness-- It's Gothic horror/art house feel. Right from the get go, you sense a feeling of dread that you can never shake off, and feel helpless as that feeling of dread turns to major creepiness. The story mixes Gaelic folklore, biblical apocrypha, urban legends, and a healthy dose of childhood trauma to wondrous effect... A return to contemplative Gothic Horror!!

Luke S (jp) wrote: A very heartwarming story and a concept that's very personal to me. Its length and pacing gives it a morose tone despite what could have been a happier story and it feels a little impersonal when it's not in your own tongue, both being understandable. "North Sea Texas" is a bit vague with it's storytelling, but the sweet and realistic nature of it made it enjoyable nevertheless. A very good movie overall.

Robbie N (ca) wrote: An amazingly put together biography and is great all to watch all the way through, with an amazing and emotional finish, Senna is a biography that tops others, even if you aren't into racing.

Justin S (ag) wrote: Eh. It had a decent premise, and I had a few laughs from Robin Williams. It really wasn't worth the time though. It felt tired and didn't have much to offer.

Rebecca F (au) wrote: Great Romantic Story!!!

Josh M (ru) wrote: We should all sign a petition telling the Asylum to stop ripping off huge blockbusters like Indiana Jones into they're own crappier version!!!!!

Jonathan C (nl) wrote: pretty good, with a funny twist at the end, it was just a really slow start!

Tammy (us) wrote: An investigation into a chain of events that had a huge effect on the outcome of the 2000 presidential election. This collection of disturbing irregularities in policy and procedure are enough to make any civil-minded American quake in their boots. We all want to know our vote is counted, but I can honestly say I don't think it has happened in awhile.

Chris P (ag) wrote: Dumb, Horrible, Stupid

Tim M (ru) wrote: A big change of genre for Shaw Bros. This sadistic and cruel exploitation classic gives a different take on prison movies. Touching ending. A remake featuring Central America, The Med Sea, and Kurdistan could be amazing.

Alex I (au) wrote: Saved By The Bell was just tits. Unintentional hilarity ahoy.

Sam M (nl) wrote: I always knew this but just realized the scenes, and the story, flow and transition perfectly. This is one of "the" most important elements that makes a film great and memorable, perhaps timeless.

Alison J (ca) wrote: I love Cassavetes, and the acting in this is, of course, terrific. But how much misogyny is really necessary here?!

Darine S (ca) wrote: Rita is the only one to partner with Astaire who's more charming than he is

Willie J (it) wrote: "Top Hat" is another classic from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Featuring the hit song "Cheek to Cheek", the musical sequences in this film are flawless and entertaining...as always with Astaire. It is light, funny, and entertaining. A near guarantee to put a smile on your face.

Victor B (ru) wrote: It has an amazing confortable and chilling atmosphere and a beautiful cinematography.

Racheli M (au) wrote: I just simply loved it.

Kevin R (it) wrote: A must see for DC fans!

Joseph W (nl) wrote: This film was great & it definitely exceeded my expectations! Hell of a story & a group NWA was! & each actor's portrayal of each member of the group, as well as well as the supporting cast, was on point!