Mithunam is a 2012 Telugu Drama film directed by Tanikella Bharani. It features S. P. Balasubrahmanyam and Lakshmi.[2][3] The film is based on a best selling Telugu novel of the same name, written by Sri Ramana. Tanikella Bhranai received CineMAA Award Special Jury Award for Best Direction.[4] Mithunam means couple in Telugu.[5] It also means an astrological sign. AMR Productions released Mithunam all over India on December 21, 2012, with positive reviews

Wedded together for fifty years, knowing each other inside out, Appadaasu and Buchchi Laxmi fill their retired days with raw quarrels and ripe loves. Emotional entanglements enslave them to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Long T (ca) wrote: first act was fine then it went downhill fast

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Teddy L (nl) wrote: I thought it was an incredibly well done movie as far as "bad" movies go. Incredibly low budget with a healthy dose of (good-natured) blasphemy.

Jonny F (gb) wrote: The acting is somewhat laughable at times and the shock horror was just above that in which you'd see in a soap.You get to see Milla Jovovich naked which was quite cool, but not really worth the price of the rental

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Paul D (br) wrote: Has its own charms compared to the first one, and arguably a better all-round cast, but people who have reached a double digit age will find the level too childish.

El U (gb) wrote: okay movie, don't know how accurate it is

Chris J (gb) wrote: Good God. A horror movie with so much wet.

stefn birgir s (it) wrote: 50s people fight a stop motion octopus with six tentacles for budget reasons. not good.

Scott R (ru) wrote: Cary Grant never turns in a bad performance in a comedy.

Frances H (de) wrote: I don't agree with the critics yet again--this film worked for me and the love story gave it necessary human tension. There were woman involved in the Battle for Stalingrad and there would have been the impetus to enjoy what little life you can while you can, so a love affair, a love triangle, gives human interaction that is more interesting to the plot. The acting, directing and script were all excellent and I just loved the music!

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