Mitr: My Friend

Mitr: My Friend

A lonely and neglected wife seeks e-friendship on the chat room while her rebellious daughter suspects her of having an affair with their neighbor.

A lonely and neglected wife seeks e-friendship on the chat room while her rebellious daughter suspects her of having an affair with their neighbor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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scott j (jp) wrote: starring former wwe superstar Adam "edge"copeland and that's about where the good part finishes,terrible film,rubbish acting the main problem is Jamie Kennedy is such a horrible actor and brings nothing to the film and as the main character he's so terrible your begging somebody to shoot him so you can enjoy the film...sorry edge but this film sucked..

Kristina K (it) wrote: The movie is a total propaganda! Useless fantasy that blames the Russians for everything. Keira Knightley is just as ugly as always, not to mention that she has no talent. I seriously laughed out loud when a certain line in the movie mentioned that she was beautiful.

John S (mx) wrote: It's a super-low budget horror movie that I only knew existed because Chris Jericho was in it, so detailing its shittiness hardly seems necessary.

Niil O (gb) wrote: Turhanpivinen mukarohkea seksilperrys tynn toinen toistaan epmiellyttvmpi henkilit. Reino Nordinin esittm hahmo oli tys psyko.

Martin S (it) wrote: Alex is not believable enough, too archetypal. Otherwise, great film of a socially hectic time.

Shawn W (es) wrote: Nothing original here for those who watched "Snowballing" or "Hot Dog The Movie" in the 80's. Does have a few laughs like the men's room in the bar.

Bridanya E (au) wrote: I just want to know how the guy could've gotten away with killing the one woman on the staircase with a saw.. I'm very aware of the bystander effect, but despite how there might not have been surveillance cameras in that condo I don't see how he could've gotten away with all of that

Linda G (us) wrote: loved it ,funny movie

Darren P (br) wrote: You know how critics like to say "brings a smile to your lips" and you roll your eyes? Well, this is one of those times I'm gonna say it and not feel stupid for saying so.

Ian T (nl) wrote: I'm trying to work out why this film is so highly praised. Heres what I came up with: I think it filled a desire for American film makers to start making french films. It fits that bill in the sense that its romantic with a hint of some of the complexities/darkness of relationships but still with, what I would regard, as a slightly naive view of those complexities. In short it romanticises romance. I mean this in the sense that it never feels real. This if for several reasons but mainly theres something cold, distant and almost childlike about how everyone speaks in the film "I like this...I loved him. I go to paris texas". Etc.Acting is generally ok but Aurore Clment is jarringly terrible as the french Aunt. Harry Dean Stanton is basically father stone (google it) but he can't do much with this script. It always feels like a slightly 'intellectual' novel.Its overly long and quite pretentious. Yeah paris is a metaphor and Travis' heart broke so bad he couldnt speak. Fuck. Off. It has one of those stories where its all based around events that happened in the past and the film is essentially revealing the details of those events to us. Thats a structure I never tend to enjoy and given that it takes about 2 and a quarter hours until you understand much at all, its a bit frustrating. The core story itself is kind of interesting..perhaps I would have enjoyed a prequel more.

Adam F (br) wrote: You have to give credit to "Dragonslayer" for what it does right; the special effects are quite good, the principal characters are compelling and the story is never predictable. However, in its efforts to turn a medieval wizard & dragon story on its head the movies proves itself to be needlessly dark and depressing. The Kingdom of Urland lives in a constant state of terror because of a 400-year-old dragon named Vermithrax Pejorative and must sacrifice young virgins to it in order to save themselves from a fiery death. Not terribly happy with this deal, the King sends for the last sorcerer to come to the kingdom's aid. What he gets instead is the sorcerer's apprentice. The story follows Galen (Peter MacNicol) who has only limited magical skills, little confidence in himself and all-out hostility from King Even with the help of a young woman (Caitlin Clarke), there isn't much hope for the apprentice, particularly with magic clearly dying out in the world.I'm going to start with the positive aspects of the movie. We have not one, but two characters you can really get attached to and genuinely like. You admire Galen for stepping up to the plate and volunteering to confront the dragon, an opponent who is significantly more powerful than he is but must be stopped. This guy knows he's outmatched so he is forced to use his intelligence to confront the beast, sneaking about its lair, using a mix of conventional and magically-enhanced weapons, and sorcery to take on the dragon. Being young and inexperienced, things seldom go right but he never gives up. Another reason that you like him is because he has to face much more than just the dragon, he has many human opponents as well. The king and his guards, they're total jerks. There are some pretty dark revelations about them that makes you want our young hero to win even more. The other character I really like is the young woman who helps Galen. Her character is essential to the plot because she helps our hero at multiple instances and in fact gets the story moving from the get-go. You would expect her character to be a typical damsel in distress considering the wizard combating the dragon that wants virgins thing, but she's actually a tough character that holds her own and in some ways is much more confident and stronger than our actual hero. I also have to give credit for the film's special effects, particularly whenever you get to see full shots of the dragon Vermithrax. The creature is created with puppetry when it comes to the close-ups (to mixed results) and with stop-motion in the full-length shots. The way the creature is revealed is expertly done, with several shots at the beginning teasing you enough that you want to see more, without showing too much and giving away the best part of the movie (the monster itself) too early. When you do see the dragon, the stop-motion effects used to bring it to life are excellent, some of the best I've seen. It ranks as high as the works of masters Willis O' Brien and Ray Harryhausen. The film also has numerous complex ideas and themes throughout and like I said before, it subverts many stereotypes of the genre so you can't see where the movie is going at any point.That brings me to what works less well with the movie. It's simply so dark. There are so many deaths during the movie that it brings you down. It's not like the deaths I'm complaining about are heroic deaths either, they just feel kind of petty. Sympathetic characters are brutally murdered for no real reason. It's not even to make the villains seem really evil or to add a tragic back story kind of thing, they're just written in to be slaughtered. If the intention was to make the odds against our hero feel overwhelming there was no need to do so. Another major negative point towards the movie is a revelation about Galen's master at the very end. If it had been tweaked just a little bit, where it was discovered by our hero and then implemented by him, it could have been a really clever plot development. To me it felt like a needlessly cryptic revelation that was as bad as those rage-inducing scenes in romantic comedies where the plot could have been solved within 5 minutes if people would actually talk like human beings. It makes you think that a) that wizard was just too lazy to do the whole thing himself b) he really put all his eggs in one basket in hoping nothing would go wrong in this convoluted plan of his and c) that if anyone is to blame because of the fiasco in the kingdom, it's the wizard! The film then ends on a tone that sort of just tells you that your dreams of an awesome, uplifting world where magic, sorcery, beautiful princesses to be rescued and fantastical monsters to be slain by valiant heroes... those are stupid thing to believe in. Get back to reality, because the movie is over buddy!I'm torn with this picture because this is the second time I've seen it and I really didn't like it at first. I thought it was depressing but well made and the ending was bad. I still think that's the case, but there are also many good points and it does make it worth a watch. So here's what I recommend. Watch it once, and think what you want of it, but then watch it a second time, like several months later when you remember the tone of it, but not too many of the details. With lowered expectations and forward knowledge of what happens overall, you will be able to focus your attention on the positive aspects and actually enjoy the film. (On Dvd, June 20, 2014)

Jose M (br) wrote: This was pretty interesting as it mixes pornography, thriller, gore, and suspense. I like the acting in the film as you see one character losing her mind that leads to a great ending. Love it, love it, I love this film.

Nolan P (es) wrote: Much of the charm of Friendship is Magic remains intact, and even the plot is surprisingly solid early on, but it just begins to crumble in the second half along with some awkward elements thrown in here and there.

Fred W (fr) wrote: One of the greatest Christian musicians and honest humans to have had on this earth.