Mizu no naka no hachigatsu

Mizu no naka no hachigatsu

A teenage girl gains supernatural power after an accident and comes to understand her place in the universe.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:117 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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A teenage girl gains supernatural power after an accident and comes to understand her place in the universe. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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High S (br) wrote: Not bad, far from great. Worth watching once it hits HBO or the like.

Don S (jp) wrote: A Syfy channel movie, so you know the production value is low and the acting is not much better. I liked the concept - government experiment to create rain for drought stricken areas of the world goes awry and creates enormous ice storms instead. Nothing original, lots of anti-government rhetoric, crappy CGI. Reminded me of the sci-fi movies of the 60's giving me a nostalgic feeling. Not worth more than one watch, and to most folks probably not even that.

Mike H (br) wrote: Solid information and ideas are expressed in an entertaining manner. Sure, it's simplistic, and therefore its conclusions are problematic, but as an introduction to incentives and economics, it at least steers the viewer away from basically the entire liberal philosophy of economics.

Alex K (kr) wrote: One of Adam Sandler's best films

Benjamin J (fr) wrote: Thought this movie was destine for failure when Diamond Dallas Page first showed his face as the main villain, the Warden. But was surprised when the story turned halfway decent. If this movie had better writers and actors who could act, I probably would have liked it a lot. The idea was definitely there.

Michael T (es) wrote: It has something powerful to say, but takes too much time saying it.

Johanna Charlotte C (fr) wrote: <3 to be cheerleader

Spencer S (au) wrote: It doesn't fully encapsulates the true genius of Stanley Kubrick, however it's hard to find fault in that due to the reclusive nature it's subject, but this documentary does it's best to compensate with a fascinating structure and detailed interviews of the many people who both were close to the man and people privileged enough to work with him

Reah L (mx) wrote: Aaliyah's last work didnt live up to the expectations of what really anyone had. Sad to know this was her last movie. Stuart does a better job of playing a seductive and feline-like Lestat than Tom, and that im thankful for. This movie was messy, with too many details left out, overly gothic and ill fitting outfits, and accents (bad ones at that) thrown where they werent needed. Marguerite Moreau's acting was unsatisfying and weak. one star is deserved, and its mostly because Stuart Townsend is just so damned cute.

Brad W (mx) wrote: Better than I thought. The physical comedy by Howie Mandel is pretty funny!

Marco P (ru) wrote: Sincerely... there are a lot of cliches, nothing is new, there are some good screen shots took in "Vietnam", but at the end the whole thing is made in Philippines etc...and the whole movies is a fake...I'm sorry I watched it all but I didn't liked it.It does not give a lot of the sense of team and the marines?...it's all a little general, to general...to superficial.

Cody B (ru) wrote: Pretty hilarious. Also those gross little mouths with all those teeth. Yeek.

Geoff H (es) wrote: I will always love this movie! It's fantastic in every way!

Ivan N (fr) wrote: Highly stylized, JeanPierre Melville's 1967take on film noir is atour de force of the crimegenre. With almost nodialogue whatsoever, themovie never seems todissapoint. The plot issimple, fresh out of jail,Corey (played by frenchactor Alain Delon) sets upa jewel heist that willguarantee him at least20 millions in diamonds.At first Corey is hesitantabout the whole ordeal,but after getting the rightpeople to help him on thejob it seems that he will haveno problem getting away withthe lot. The rest you just gotto see to believe.With somber grey colors and tones, this filmtakes you back to an era long gone. I saw itas a kind of "homage" to the film noirs of thelate 30's, early 40's of american cinema. Thejewel heist scene is a direct tribute to a scenein Jules Dassin's "Rififi" in which they do notspeak a single word while they're robbing thejewelry store. Excellent film by one of the mostunderrated filmmakers that came from the"Nouvelle Vague".

Cita W (jp) wrote: It's just beautiful. The first Tarkovsky's movie that I can finally enjoy.

Zoran S (ag) wrote: William W. Wellman + Technicolor + Clark Gable + Ricardo Montalban + the following voice over "?Men who searched for beaver and found glory" = totally rad movie to watch at 1am

Pavandeep S (ru) wrote: This was an interesting documentary. I thought it was pretty fascinating in the way the subject matter was laid out.

Wes S (nl) wrote: It looks better than the first Ghost Rider film (which this shares little continuity with outside of Nic), and in some ways the execution of the character is more interesting, but the film is just so uneven. The plot is rather bland, and Nic is pretty wacky for a dark and gritty film. The action is fun, but it isn't enough to make the film more entertaining.

Zoran S (fr) wrote: It's Michael Wadleigh only feature ( he directed Woodstock). It's a strange, moody, and eclectic werewolf film with wonderful cinematography. ...and horrible hair courtesy of Albert Finney.