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Mniejsze zlo


Jak być kimś, będąc nikim? Poruszająca opowieść o człowieku gotowym na wszystko dla osiągnięcia sukcesu, osadzona w realiach chwiejącego się w posadach komunizmu w Polsce. Kamil ma jasny cel – chce zostać pisarzem. Nie dlatego, że kocha literaturę, ale ponieważ wie, że bycie pisarzem w ówczesnej Polsce jest równoznaczne z osiągnięciem sukcesu finansowego i prestiżu. Kamil ma też pewien zasadniczy problem – nie potrafi pisać. Będąc na studiach sprytnie udaje nowatorskiego poetę, ale ma świadomość, że na dłuższą metę nie da się być pisarzem nie umiejąc napisać nawet opowiadania. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan R (it) wrote: Five years later and the electric car is no longer dead, but it isnt coming to fruition easily either. This is a nice follow up about the men who are attempting to make the first commercially successful electric car.

Armon B (au) wrote: Just caught this on netflex. I didnt not like it. It lacked in logic to me at times. Despite the plot being him seeing visions from his passing mother and other decised. It was poorly written

Julia E (es) wrote: Not fast-paced, but stunning, gripping & well done. If you like period pieces and love British actors (Firth, Wilkinson, Parfitt), you will joy be disappointed.

JonPaul P (ca) wrote: I had to take off half a star for Hooters jokes and really the way they tried to resolve the movie.This movie was so funny to me. The Sprouse twins played their part beautifully, being a convincing mix of having fun and unbearable tantrum. Sandler felt like how I think I would handle my first child, should that ever happen.

Michael N (it) wrote: Upon discovering this is William Friedkin's favorite of all his films, I had to see it. I had avoided it as it's been a cliche of horrible-ness ever since it was released. All that proves is that everyone is insane. Yes, David Caruso is TERRIBLE. Yes, everyone was experiencing Joe Eszterhas fatigue after Sliver and Showgirls. Yes, the erotic thriller was on its way out when this was released. But I don't even think I'd classify it as an erotic thriller. It's just good. And I'm glad to see some critics have gone back to watch it and are seeing it's not the film they thought it was.

Jeff R (ca) wrote: Delightfully weird.Strangely philosophical.

Jenni F (it) wrote: In many ways, the story and its values are way too antiquated and shallow for watching today. But a few of the dance scenes are exquisite, and I can certainly appreciate that it was one of the first films both to have a predominantly Asian cast AND to portray Chinese characters in a positive light--finding happiness, love, and success. Though the amount of actual Chinese playing Chinese was still a little low...

Noname (us) wrote: A drama adventure movie with a bit of romance aswell taking place in Australia late 1930'. Nicole Kidman plays the woman (Sarah) from England that must protect her property/ranch in Aus with the help of Drover (Hugh Jackman). First of all i thought this movie could have been much shorter. Its almost 3 hour long. The story are decent tho overall along with great acting and beautiful landscapes of Australia. Could have been more excting perhaps to keep the 3 hour in better tempo but thats my opinion. Anyway its a worth seeing movie in the average level.

Sowmya A (nl) wrote: Why is Jolie so over confident about her bad acting?

Russell S (es) wrote: What should have been two movies at best is stretched to a vastly padded trilogy that only fans will bother to watch more than a couple of times. This third movie, despite all the action is the least interesting of the three and therefore the most forgettable. Not necessarily a bad movie, just very lacking in content.

Fernando G (fr) wrote: My god, this movie is...BORING.

ca f (it) wrote: Mildly amusing, didn't finish it.