A docudrama about the life of the former UK Secretary of state for Northern Ireland, Mo Mowlam.

A revealing biopic about politician Mo Mowlam. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mo torrent reviews

(br) wrote: "Ring-side seat" at a fascinating David-vs.-Goliath(s) political battle. Could spend more time detailing who is pulling which strings and why. Could do more to explain "what happens now?" for the Maldives.

Steve G (nl) wrote: Somewhat dreary little British drama, Anne-Marie Duff the only real highlight

Gabriel M (ca) wrote: Well acted. Disturbing. entretaining

Russell S (us) wrote: A worthy, bigger, exciting sequel slightly let down by a rather unremarkable finale. Perhaps a little too long but the action sequences, great cast and well chosen villain make it worth your time.

Terri H (au) wrote: Starts off with the birth - Baby was born with a hell of a lot of hair! The farting problem is apparent from the off-set. Patrick has one friend that sticks by him, Alan. Rupert Grint is a nerdy curly haired kid. Cute though. It's a stupid film. Unless of course you are 12 years old.

Joe B (es) wrote: clearly a last ditched effort for two friends to do another flim before one dies

Eve C (gb) wrote: ..."ici brillant ou bte tu y na (R)t , brillant ou bte tu y meurt..."-S.BIKO

Gary K (nl) wrote: Great cat and mouse story -- slow at times, but has a very dated charm. Great characters and tone doesn't help the slow pacing at times. It's good to see more hints of the series of Melville classics to follow this one.

Laurel S (ru) wrote: This was a very cute film. It surpised me and I really enjoyed it.

Lucas M (mx) wrote: Odd and wonderful study about Robert Crumb and underground comics with a dark view of America, sex and family.

Arjun A (de) wrote: Dat Mariah track doe!

Marcus W (kr) wrote: Fine work from Lumet, but even finer work from Steiger