Mo fei cui

Mo fei cui

Looking to cash in on the popularity of Steven Spielberg's mega-hits E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Hong Kong schlockmeister Wong Jing directs this yarn about Andy who, along with ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   magic,   slapstick,  

Looking to cash in on the popularity of Steven Spielberg's mega-hits E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Hong Kong schlockmeister Wong Jing directs this yarn about Andy who, along with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dellic Z (ru) wrote: People do realize who citizens united are the ones who made it possible for corporations to buy your politicians I guess you can see why they would want to turn you against the movement.

Emmanuel F (fr) wrote: Historical female perspective on China in transition.

Jim H (mx) wrote: A cat burglar helps a policewoman find the mob boss who kidnapped her daughter.Eminently forgettable, A Cat in Paris doesn't offer much. The plot is fairly basic, and the revenge fantasy is overbearing and lacking in any subtlety. The animation is neither realistic nor stylized.Overall, this is a short film, but I can't say a lot about it because it doesn't say a lot for itself.

bill s (it) wrote: Alone,I really like all these actors but here in this movie I wonder if any of them read the script before signing on.

xXx ALH4 xXx x (au) wrote: belive me or not i cried de 1st time i saw dis movie

Brittany C (de) wrote: Eric Bana is electrifying onscreen... and I always love Drew Barrymore. The story seems a little cheesy though.

William T (mx) wrote: Intense, powerful and very well acted. Bloody Sunday really leaves you dazed and confused as if you had been there, on this horrific day.

Yan Z (it) wrote: A genre piece that changed my life nine years ago

Justin A (mx) wrote: What I find hilarious is that it's basically the same exact movie as the one prior to this, albeit, slightly better. Only very slightly though. The running time is shorter and it definitely doesn't drag as bad as part 5 did. Still, some of the same problems persist. They filmmakers decided to go with another mystery plot and once again it gives us the "they were dead the whole time" ending. Two times in a row. Impressive. The first couple movies could probably be praised for their creativity, but damn, that has sure gone out the window at this point. I'm also confused about the ending. So he gives Kirsty the box, she opens it and then makes a deal with Pinhead. Okay. Then she agrees to bring him five souls. Why, then, is she in the car with her husband AFTER he has already tried to kill her? Why do they police let her go when he has a bullet through his head? I'm so confused. At the very least, the movie looks good. There is a bit more Cenobite/Pinhead action in this movie, even if only very slightly. Still, if you hated part 5, you likely won't enjoy this one. I would suggest to watch this one over part 5, but really, why even bother with either? Hell, why am I still going with these movies?

Cole M (de) wrote: Aside from the first ten minutes of the film, this is a rather fun flick with some rather funny moments.

Peter P (ca) wrote: Silly premise, stupid movie.

Robert J (ca) wrote: Is there anything better than bad dialogue, spandex, and 80's cheese? If there is, I may move out of my parents' basement and stop collecting Malibu Stacey dolls. I must have watched this move no less than 45 times growing-up. I was addicted to the Cannonball Run movies and this fit right in. RIP Hal Needham, we need more visionaries like you! By the by, never recommend watching this movie unless you are with family, the worst they can do is disown you. Friends will never let you live it down unless you preface your recommendation with, "Wanna watch the cheesiest movie ever?"

Stuart M (au) wrote: Probably the second best '80s sword-and-sorceror movie after Conan. This one kinda slipped through the cracks in people's memories. It tries to do a lot and is quite mature in many ways, with a depressing story about virgins being sacrificed and a lot of realpolitic. It does have one of the best dragons on film though, and one specifically cited as a reference for Smaug in the new Hobbit films.

Crystal S (mx) wrote: love at it's worst! this movie was the first Ronald Reagan filmed I ever saw- before that, I just knew him as an old president LOL.

Sean H (nl) wrote: Ok this movie is the sequel and same characters but again can't tell you then all ruin it for you guys. All I can say I love horror movies. If you like horror movies then this is the movie for you. So sit relax grab your Dr Pepper and popcorn because this will keep you the edge of your seat .

Nick R (ag) wrote: Pretty bad. Huge plot holes, badly written. It's certainly not a Star Trek movie, it's barely a good sci-fi movie

Logan M (jp) wrote: Nothing unprecedented, but "Last Cab to Darwin" has a genuine beating heart.